All the vegetarian dishes: 39 meatless recipes

Meat? You won't miss it! These family-friendly vegetarian recipes are packed with protein, deeply flavourful and super satisfying.

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All the vegetarian dishes: 39 meatless recipes

Photo: Erik Putz

Veggie noodle Pad Thai

A veggie packed version of your favourite street food. Get the recipe: Veggie noodle Pad Thai

veggie noodle pad thai on green dishPhoto: Erik Putz

Butternut squash pizza

Butternut squash lovers rejoice! This decadent slice is creamy, crunchy and packed with veggie goodness. Get the recipe: Butternut squash pizza

butternut squash pizza on green boardPhoto: Erik Putz


Baked sweet potato with roasted chickpeas

Give your spuds some love with this baked sweet potato recipe featuring roasted chickpeas, sour cream, crispy onions and chives. Get the recipe: Baked sweet potato with roasted chickpeas

baked sweet potato with side saladPhoto: Erik Putz

Refried bean tostadas with queso fresco

These quick and easy Mexican tostadas will become a weeknight dinner go-to. Let the kids help out by customizing their own toppings. Get the recipe: Refried bean tostadas with queso fresco

colourful plate of tostadas with beans, lettuce and cheesePhoto: Erik Putz

Grilled eggplant on coconut rice

Make eggplant the star of your next weeknight dinner with this tasty grilled recipe with creamy and fragrant coconut rice. Get the recipe: Grilled eggplant on coconut rice

grilled eggplant on green dishPhoto: Erik Putz


Chickpea Mac and “Cheese”

A creamy, vegan mac and cheese is so easy to make. This one uses chickpeas and butternut squash to create the perfect orange sauce. Get the recipe: Chickpea Mac and “Cheese”


Elbow macaroni in a vegan orange Photo: Erik Putz

Chickpea Pancakes with Summer Vegetables

Pancakes for dinner? Yes, please. These savoury hotcakes are packed with protein and, topped with in-season veggies, provide a perfectly balanced meal. Get the recipe: Chickpea Pancakes with Summer Vegetables

All the vegetarian dishes: 39 meatless recipesPHOTO: ERIK PUTZ

Easy Black Bean Burritos

Want to get an A+ on school lunch? Roll last night’s dinner up in a tortilla and you’re done. Get the recipe: Easy Black Bean Burritos


Bento box with bean burritos in one compartmentPhoto: Erik Putz


Big Pot of Black Beans

What could be easier than a big ‘ol pot of black beans? Packed with flavour and fibre, these beans will take you from dinner to lunch, no problem. Get the recipe: Big Pot of Black Beans


plate with black turtle beans greens and roasted sweet potatoesPhoto: Erik Putz

Miso-Maple Tofu Kebabs

Meatless doesn’t have to mean a boring salad. These sticky-sweet skewers offer a nice alternative that will get even the most hardcore meat-eaters talking. Get the recipe: Miso-Maple Tofu Kebabs

kebabs with grilled tofu and veggiesPhoto: Roberto Caruso

Chana Masala

Just like at your fave Indian food joint, this simple masala packs bold flavors and is great alongside rice and naan, obvie. Get the recipe: Chana Masala

plate of chickpea chana masala with naanPhoto: Erik Putz


Rainbow Veggie Quinoa Bowl

It’s a colourful assortment of veggies and grains up in here. The dressing? Oh, that’s a super delicious yogurt and herb combo. Get the recipe: Rainbow Veggie Quinoa Bowl

quinoa bowl with grated veggies, hardboiled egg and dressingPhoto: Erik Putz

Portobello + Ranch Burgers

This juicy burger may be meat-free but it’s packed with flavour thanks to the creamy ranch sauce and thick slices of cheddar. Get the recipe: Portobello + Ranch Burgers


All the vegetarian dishes: 39 meatless recipesPHOTO: ERIK PUTZ

Vegetarian Taco Salad Bowl

You won’t beleive how easy it is to make your own tortilla bowl. This dressing, though. It’s a blend of buttermilk, soft tofu, mayo, dill and garlic. Black beans give the salad a meaty texture. Get the recipe: Vegetarian Taco Salad Bowl

tortilla bowl filled with lettuce, tomatoes, beans and cheesePhoto: Roberto Caruso


Curry and Peanut Noodles with Tofu

Put that take-out menu away. This slurpy recipe comes together in just 20 minutes (way faster than delivery) and is protein-packed. Get the recipe: Curry and Peanut Noodles with Tofu

child eating bowl of noodlesPhoto: Maya Visnyei

“Pulled” Sweet Potato Tostadas

Get that pulled pork flavour with a fraction of the fat. Bonus: the kids will love helping out by spiralizing the potatoes. Get the recipe: “Pulled” Sweet Potato Tostadas


vegetarian tostadas on a platePHOTO: Erik Putz

Orecchiette with Rustic Tomato Sauce and Chickpeas

Chickpeas in pasta: Yes! This chunky sauce covers fun little ear-shaped pasta. Get the recipe: Orecchiette with Rustic Tomato Sauce and Chickpeas

bowl of pasta with tomatoes and chickpeas


Chickpea Burger

Bland veggie burgers need never apply. This patty packs all the flavours with chickpeas, quinoa, cremini mushrooms and lots of spices. (Worchestershire sauce contains anchovies, so look for a vegan variety, they exist!) Get the recipe: Chickpea Burger 

A chickpea burger topped with mayo and cabbage

Barley Risotto with Mushroom, Zucchini and Peas

If comfort in a bowl is what you’re all about, look no further than this easy risotto. Barley is a chewy stand-in for traditional rice. Get the recipe: Barley Risotto with Mushroom, Zucchini and Peas 

bowl of thick risotto with veggies and cheesePhoto: Roberto Caruso

Red Lentils with Sweet Potato and Apricots

If you’re going to cook vegetarian, having a good go-to lentil recipe is key. Here’s yours: a moroccan-inspired masterpiece that’s sweet, savoury and so easy to make. Get the recipe: Red Lentils with Sweet Potato and Apricots

bowl of lentil and sweet potato stew


Broccoli-Cheddar Soup

A thick and creamy pot of broccoli soup is yours for the making. In fact, you likely already have most of the ingredients on hand. Our recipe uses milk instead of cream, but it’s still plenty thick thanks to potatoes. Get the recipe: Broccoli-Cheddar Soup

pot of broccoli soup on a stovetopPhoto: Erik Putz

One-Pan Vegetarian Lasagna

Cheesy, gooey lasagna is sure to satisfy your Meatless Monday (or Tuesday, or Wednesday). Packed with mushrooms and zucchini, it feels hearty and healthy. Get the recipe: One-Pan Vegetarian Lasagna


lasagna in a panPHOTO: Erik Putz

Mushroom Quesadilla

Here’s the beauty of mushrooms (beyond their deliciousness): their hearty, meaty texture makes them perfect for cranking this cheesy quesadilla up a notch. Plus, it’s packed with Boursin, so you know it’s good and fancy. Get the recipe: Mushroom Quesadilla

Cheesy quesadillas on white boardPhoto: Roberto Caruso


Greek Pasta Salad with Black Beans

Black beans give this tasty pasta salad an extra boost of protein and fibre. Get the recipe: Greek Pasta Salad with Black Beans


bowl filled with greek pasta saladPhoto: Erik Putz

Campfire Huevos Rancheros

Your local brunch spot has nothing on you with these simple breakfast wraps. Refried beans are the best. We repeat: refried beans are the best. The scrambled eggs, salsa and shredded cheese aren’t too bad, either. Get the recipe: Campfire Huevos Rancheros

tortillas piled with refried beans, eggs and salsaPhoto: Roberto Caruso

Smoky Campfire Beans

If you want to make friends and be the highlight of the potluck circuit, make these simple baked beans. They’re sweet thanks to maple syrup and molassas and smoky courtesy of paprika. Serve them hot or cold. Get the recipe: Smoky Campfire Beans

pot of homemade baked beansPhoto: Roberto Caruso


Potato and Leek Sheet Pan Frittata

We’ve married two of the best dinner cheats—frittatas and one-pan meals—into a vegetarian dish that works for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Get the recipe: Potato and Leek Sheet Pan Frittata


All the vegetarian dishes: 39 meatless recipesPHOTO: Erik Putz

Mexican Quinoa

Quinoa is an itty-bitty, high-protein grain that happens to be great at absorbing all the tasty flavours you throw at it. In this case, vegetable broth, diced tomatoes and black beans. This is great on its own or stuffed into a burrito. Get the recipe: Mexican Quinoa

bowl of quinoa with tomatoes, black bean and corn

Grilled Portobellos with Quinoa Salad

Portobello caps are filled with a simple quinoa salad that packs nine grams of protein per serving. That’s not too shabby. Get the recipe: Grilled Portobellos with Quinoa Salad

portobellos mushroom caps filled with quinoa saladPhoto: Robert Caruso


Sesame and Sweet Chili Tofu

Mild-tasting and almost custard-like, mild tofu is delicious with this not-too-spicy sweet-chili glaze. Stir-fried bok choy is an easy and tasty veggie to try alongside. Get the recipe: Sesame and Sweet Chili Tofu

plate of tofu with a sweet chili glaze alongside bok choy

Kitchen Sink Omelette

Those forgotten veggies wilting at the back of your fridge are dreaming of a better life. Enter this easy-peasy omelette. Put it between toast and win at breakfast-for-dinner. Get the recipe: Kitchen Sink Omelette

skilled with omelette with cheese and veggies

Vegetarian Pho

It’s pronounced FUH, people. But no matter, it’s a fragrant vegetable broth that can be dressed up however you like. We used rice noodles, tofu and cilantro. Bean sprouts and a drizzle of hoisin are also good life choices. Get the recipe: Vegetarian Pho

bowl of pho with chopsticks


Make-Ahead Lentil Chili

Texture is key with this slow simmering chili. It’s got lentils, beans and sweet potato. Serve it with our impossibly yummy garlic bread for best results. Get the recipe: Make-Ahead Lentil Chili

enamel bowl filled with chunky veggie chiliPhoto: Roberto Caruso

Vegetarian Pasta Carbonara with Peas

Tradional carbonara without the bacon right here, folks. And with a sauce this rich and creamy, you won’t even miss it. Get the recipe: Vegetarian Pasta Carbonara with Peas

plate of pasta with peas and cheesePhoto: Maya Vis­nyei

Sheet Pan Black Bean and Sweet Potato Hash

Roasted veggies can do no wrong. Throw an egg on top and make some toast—you’ve got this brunch thing on lock. Get the recipe: Sheet Pan Black Bean and Sweet Potato Hash

A sheet pan with vegetables and an egg on it


Giant Stuffed Cheesy Shells

A comforting dish of ricotta-stuffed shells is calling. Your little sous chef can scoop tomato sauce, sprinkle mozzarella cheese and garnish with basil. Get the recipe: Giant Stuffed Cheesy Shells

casserole dish of stuffed pasta shellsPhoto: Erik Putz

Cold Sesame Soba Noodle Dish

We love, love, love this bowl. Soba noodles are made of buckwheat and cook up in the time you whisk together the dressing ingredients. Did we mention you throw the juilenned veggies right in with the noodles (you could also do a handful of frozen shelled edamame)? One-pot wonder indeed. Get the recipe: Cold Sesame Soba Noodle Dish

plate of soba noodle salad with peppersPhoto: Erik Putz

Vegan Tofu Scramble

Tofu is a convincing scrambled egg stand-in thanks to mild, golden turmeric. Wrap it up in a corn tortilla with black beans and guac. Get the recipe: Vegan Tofu Scramble

tortillas with tofu scramble, black beans and guacamolePhoto: Roberto Caruso


Red Pepper Falafel Cakes

Finger foods rules the school and these sweet falafel bites are no exception. Stuff them into a mini pita and dunk ’em in your favourite dip. We’re big tzatziki fans over here. Get the recipe: Red Pepper Falafel Cakes

bento lunch box with falafel in pita, carrot salad and dipPhoto: Erik Putz
This article was originally published on Oct 01, 2019

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