19 easy chicken breast recipes

Lean, neutral and super versatile, chicken breast is the queen of dinnertime with these simple and easy recipes.

19 easy chicken breast recipes

Photo: Erik Putz

Sweet Chili Chicken Sticks

Here’s the drill: asparagus spears meet sweet-heat chicken and are capped off with a perfectly blistered tomato. Build it low for an appetizer or stack it high to accommodate dinnertime hunger. Get the recipe: Sweet Chili Chicken Sticks


three skewers with chicken, asparagus and cherry tomatoesPhoto: Erik Putz

Grilled Chicken and Veg Chopped Salad

A warm summer salad is the best. Even reluctant green-eaters can get behind perfectly marinated chicken and veg, with just a little lettuce on the side. Get the recipe: Grilled Chicken and Veg Chopped Salad


19 easy chicken breast recipesPhoto: Jodi Pudge


Corn Chowder with Chicken and Bacon

This rich, chunky bowl of kid-friendly corn chowder has layers of flavour (hi, leeks!) and goes from kernel to table in half an hour. Get the recipe: Corn Chowder with Chicken and Bacon

bowl filled with corn chowder with bacon and chickenPhoto: Roberto Caruso

Spring Chicken Sauté

You’ve got a real winner with this comforting chicken stew. Whole seasoned chicken breasts sit in a rich broth with cremini mushrooms and green peas. Serve over mashed potatoes to be super extra. Get the recipe: Spring Chicken Sauté

bowl of chicken breasts with gravy, mushrooms and fresh peasPhoto: Jodi Pudge

Parmesan Crusted Chicken

Who doesn’t love a good chicken Parm? Breaded chicken cutlets cook up in a hurry, so this restaurant-style dish can make it to the table and into hungry bellies in no time. Serve with salad or over pasta. Get the recipe: Parmesan Crusted Chicken

chicken cutlet breaded with saladPhoto: Ryan Szulc


Herbed Crepes with Chicken, Asparagus and Mushrooms

Breakfast for dinner just got a lot more savoury. Chicken, asparagus and mushrooms hang out in a thick buttery sauce before being tucked away in a light herbed crepe. Yum. Get the recipe: Herbed Crepes with Chicken, Asparagus and Mushrooms

herbed crepe stuffed with saucy chicken, asparagus and mushrooms

Pineapple Chicken

Your friend Slow Cooker is making dinner tonight. Serve this sticky sweet chicken over rice with a simple salad on the side. Get the recipe: Pineapple Chicken

chicken with rice and veggiesPhoto: Erik Putz

Peanutty Baked Chicken

Kids will love this simple baked chicken breast recipe. Tahini (sesame-seed paste) is a tasty swap for PB if there are allergies in the family. Get the recipe: Peanutty Baked Chicken

sliced chicken breast with raw veggies and rice ballsPhoto: Maya Visnyei


Cheesy Chicken with Sweet Potato Wedges

Try this hearty one-pan meal on busy nights. It’s the perfect combination of proteins and healthy carbs. Plus: cheese. Get the recipe: Cheesy Chicken with Sweet Potato Wedges

baking pan with sweet potatoes and chicken breastPhoto: Maya Visnyei

“Fried” Chicken Fingers

Chicken fingers: universally accepted kid food. This baked version is super crispy thanks to a corn-flake cereal coating. Get the recipe: “Fried” Chicken Fingers

plate of chicken fingers and dipPhoto: Roberto Caruso

Fajita Pasta

Take your fajita recipe out of the wrap and into the pan with this noodle-y new spin. It’s got all the tasty flavours that you know and love. Get the recipe: Fajita Pasta

skilled with pasta, chicken, peppers and onionPhoto: Roberto Caruso


Mexican Chicken Scallopini Fajitas

A favourite with a bit of a twist: make chicken roll-ups and cook them on skewers, then fill your fajitas. Get the recipe: Mexican Chicken Scallopini Fajitas

Grilled tortilla with chicken, cheese and sour creamPhoto: Roberto Caruso

Citrus-Marinated Chicken Scalloppini with Baby Bok Choy

Fast-cooking scalloppini are just smart. The citrusy sauce and bok choy make it super interesting. Get the recipe: Citrus-Marinated Chicken Scalloppini with Baby Bok Choy

marinated chicken breast with sautéed bok choyPhoto: Roberto Caruso

Quick and Saucy Moroccan Chicken

It’s hard to believe this comes together in just 15 minutes. Thinly sliced chicken cooks fast, while carefully chosen spices (cumin, paprika and cinnamon) and tasty elements like raisins, dried apricots and fresh mint bring the flavour. Big time. Get the recipe: Quick and Saucy Moroccan Chicken

marinated chicken breasts with raisins and apricots with sugar snap peasPhoto: Maya Visnyei


Chicken Barley Soup

Hearty chicken barley soup is easy to make and super satisfying. You probably already have most of what you need in the pantry. Get the recipe: Chicken Barley Soup

19 easy chicken breast recipesPhoto: Roberto Caruso

Chicken Enchiladas

These irresistible enchiladas come together in just 40 minutes and will surely become a go-to weeknight meal. Get the recipe: Chicken Enchiladas

roasting pan with rolled up chicken enchiladasPhoto: Erik Putz

Honey-Glazed Chicken Skewers

Bam, your dinner is ready in just 10 minutes. Look at you, superstar! Get the recipe: Honey-Glazed Chicken Skewers

plate of chicken and veggies skewers with cucumber and watermelon saladPhoto: Andrew Grinton


Garlicky Chicken and Tomato Pasta

Not only is this filling restaurant-style pasta delicious, it’s such a cinch to put together. Welcome it into your weeknight meal rotation. Get the recipe: Garlicky Chicken and Tomato Pasta

plate of linguini pasta with chicken breast, spinach and tomatoesPhoto: Roberto Caruso

Greek Chicken and Potato Salad

Olive oil, roasted red pepper, crumbled feta—bring the taste of the Mediterranean to your plate with this simple chicken and potato salad dinner! Get the recipe: Greek Chicken and Potato Salad

19 easy chicken breast recipesPhoto: Roberto Caruso
This article was originally published on Aug 23, 2020

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