The most popular recipes of 2019

From plant-based meals to ethnic-inspired dishes to anything made on a sheet pan, these are the top recipes families were clicking on in 2019.

The most popular recipes of 2019

When it comes to easy dinner recipes for the family, most parents want three things: meals that are quick to make, taste good (like, your kid will actually appreciate your efforts), and, if they can swing it, a dish that isn't loaded with fat and carbs. Bonus points for anything that doesn't create a ton of dishes. So, it should come as no surprise that a third of our top recipes from 2019 are sheet pan meals—or, as we like to call them, one pan wonders. It's also nice to see that so many families were interested in introducing new tastes to their kids this year, with our top clicked recipe inspired by the flavours of China. Families also loved starting their day off right with some tasty new breakfast ideas.

Overall, it was an exciting year at Today's Parent and we can't wait to show you what we have in store for 2020.

Scroll through for the best recipes of 2019:


1. Chinese pork noodles

bowl of udon noodles easy dinner recipes for family Photo: Roberto Caruso

Families were slurping up these slippery udon noodles in 2019, and with a total cook time of under 30 minutes, it's the perfect weeknight dinner. Get the recipe: Chinese pork noodles

2. Grilled chicken nacho salad

plate of natchos easy dinner recipes for family Photo: Erik Putz

This is 'nacho' average family dinner. Surprise the kiddos with a crunchy and satisfying take on everyone's favourite Mexican snack dish. Weeknight dinners have never looked so good. Get the recipe: Grilled chicken nacho salad

3. Grilled kofta pitas

plate of pitas with fresh veggies easy dinner recipes for family Photo: Erik Putz

Craving a taste of the Mediterranean? Shake up your dinner routine with these quick and easy pitas stuffed with kofta, arugula and tzatziki. Get the recipe: Grilled kofta pitas

4. Roasted vegetable buddha bowl sheet pan

tray of roasted veggies with white sauce easy dinner recipes for family Photo: Roberto Caruso

There's nothing better than roasted veggies—especially when they're seasoned to perfection. Toss in a quick tahini dressing and you've got dinner! Get the recipe: Roasted vegetable buddha bowl sheet pan

5. French toast bread pudding

child pouring syrup on French toast Photo: Carmen Cheung

This French toast spin on traditional bread pudding was the breakfast to make in 2019. Decadent and delicious. Get the recipe: French toast bread pudding


6. No churn rhubarb and custard ripple ice cream

big tub of ice cream Photo: Carmen Cheung

Make rhubarb season a year round celebration with this creamy, easy-to-make frozen treat. Get the recipe: No churn rhubarb and custard ripple ice cream

7. Swedish meatballs and egg noodles

plate of noodles with meatballs Photo: Roberto Caruso

IKEA's got nothing on these tasty meatballs! Scandinavian-inspired, this weeknight meal will fill their bellies with tasty noodles and a rich, creamy sauce. Get the recipe: Swedish meatballs and egg noodles

8. Strawberry fruit bottom overnight oats

three jars of overnight oats Photo: Carmen Cheung

With less sugar than store-bought jam, these easy-to-make strawberry overnight oats are still tasty and packed with tons of healthy fibre. It's how families-in-the-know were starting their week in 2019. Get the recipe: Strawberry fruit bottom overnight oats

9. Chicken cutlets and roasted asparagus sheet pan

Sheet pan with breaded chicken and asparagus Photo: Roberto Caruso

Jazz up your chicken with a crispy panko crust and a side of crunchy asparagus. The best part: you can make it all on one pan! Get the recipe: Chicken cutlets and roasted asparagus sheet pan

10. Saucy Italian sausage sheet pan

tray of sausage with tomatoes and beans Photo: Roberto Caruso

Stressed about dinner? We've got your back—just grab some sausage, and that can of beans in your cupboard and slap 'em on a pan. Get the recipe: Saucy Italian sausage sheet pan


11. Sheet pan steak fajitas

tray of steak and veggies Photo: Roberto Caruso

In 2019, families were all about Fajita Night! This one-pan wonder comes together in a quick ten minutes. Perfect for those forgot-to-make-dinner nights. Get the recipe: Sheet pan steak fajitas

12. Hawaii shrimp poke bowl

grain bowl Photo: Roberto Caruso

Love poke but worried about giving your kid raw fish? These bowls swap in cooked shrimp, so you get all the flavour without any of the concern. Get the recipe: Hawaii shrimp poke bowl

13. Freezable breakfast burritos

small kid hands holding a burrito Photo: Carmen Cheung

From the freezer to your plate, these make-ahead bean burritos are an eggcellent choice for hungry tummies on busy mornings! If you didn't make them in 2019, put them on your list for 2020. Get the recipe: Freezable breakfast burritos

14. Stuffed everything bagel bites

kid hands eating bagel bites Photo: Carmen Cheung

These make-ahead bagel bites stuffed with cream cheese are perfect for early mornings and double as yummy after-school snacks. Basically, this is how you're going to win at parenting in 2020. Get the recipe: Stuffed everything bagel bites

15. Hash brown waffles with smoked salmon and sour cream

plate of waffles with smoked salmon Photo: Carmen Cheung

Finally put that waffle iron you got for Mother's Day to use. These savoury waffles are topped with kid-friendly smoked salmon and sour cream. Get the recipe: Hash brown waffles with smoked salmon and sour cream


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