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This is what kids' breakfasts look like around the world

From noodle soup to Spam, there are so many ways to start your kid's day off right! Get inspired by these dishes from across the globe.

This is what kids' breakfasts look like around the world

Photo courtesy of Rohan M.

Sick of serving Cheerios every morning? Up your breakfast game by checking out these inspiring images of kids breakfast from across the globe. And once you've mastered breakfast, scroll a little further to see beautiful images of kids' diets from photographer Gregg Segal's new book Daily Bread: What Kids Eat Around the World.

girl eating noodles for breakfast


This two-year-old eats rice noodle soup cooked in a pork and sour fruit (called, qủa sấu) broth with pork and mushroom meatballs. Fun fact: the Vietnamese wake up early to enjoy a full breakfast before school and work. They also eat freshly cooked meals and tend to shy away from highly processed or frozen foods and ready meals.

young girl eating omelette

Hawaii, United States

This young girl in Hawaii starts her morning with a Spam bowl: rice, teriyaki spam, and scrambled eggs.

young boy eating breakfast

The Maldives

This is a simple Maldivian breakfast. Kids eat roti with mashuni (pronounced mas-huni) and black or milk tea. Mashuni is a mix of tuna with desiccated coconut with onions and some chilli to taste. Bananas are easily available so they make a great side for breakfast, too.

two kids eating breakfast


Tucking into some traditional Scott's porridge (Scottish milled oats warmed up with milk or water and a pinch of salt or sugar) with raspberries and banana before heading off to school.

kids eating breakfast


Breakfast in this Aussie household is quite simple as the boys prefer extra sleep to a fussy meal. Weet-bix with banana, sultans and milk and toast with Vegemite are a staple or sometimes a good crumpet with plenty of butter and honey!

kids sitting around a table eating breakfast



Kids in Botswana often have a soft porridge called bogobe for breakfast. It's typically made with sorghum or millet flour that is cooked into a soft paste.

child eating traditional Dutch breakfast

The Netherlands

On weekends, Dutch kids will have a special treat of boterham met hagelslag, Dutch for a sandwich with chocolate sprinkles. Yum!

Looking for more inspiration? In his new photography book, Daily Bread: What Kids Eat Around the World, Gregg Segal asked kids in different countries to keep a detailed journal of what they ate in a week as part of his "Daily Bread" challenge. Once the journal was completed, Segal would set up a shoot where the dishes were recreated and placed around the kid who ate them. These stunning portraits are the result. Take a look:


This article was originally published on Aug 14, 2019

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