14 delicious kebab recipes

Your kids are crying for finger foods. Appease them with these easy and tasty kebab recipes.

14 delicious kebab recipes

Photo: Maya Visnyei

Scrumptious skewered recipes

Korean Beef Sticks

You may think green onion only has a place chopped finely on top of a stir-fry or a salad. Think again, friend. The crispy stalks go perfect with this grilled steak and mushroom combo. Get the recipe: Korean Beef Sticks

sticks with cube of steak, green onions and a mushroom capPhoto: Erik Putz

Curried Coconut Chicken Kebabs

We’ve got your curry in a hurry with these colourful skewers. Get the recipe from Chatelaine: Curried Coconut Chicken Kebabs

skewers with grilled chicken and veggiesPhoto: Roberto Caruso


Budget Steak Bites

The perfect little nibble: marinated steak is woven around juicy tomatoes. Get the recipe: Budget Steak Bites

Three skewers with bbq'd tomatoes and steakPhoto: John Cullen

Indian-Spiced Chicken Sticks

Sometimes a little spice is nice. In this case, it’s bold-but-not-too-hot chili powder and garam masala rubbed on juicy chicken thighs. We like to take it for a dip in creamy yogurt. Get the recipe: Indian-Spiced Chicken Sticks

Wooden skewers with marinated chicken and cucumberPhoto: Roberto Caruso

Miso-Maple Tofu Kebabs

The vegetarians in your life will be happy to eat these, but so will the meat-eaters. Extra-firm tofu has a great texture, and this sweet glaze makes anything taste good. Think of it as stir-fry on a stick. Get the recipe: Miso-Maple Tofu Kebabs

kebabs with grilled tofu and veggiesPhoto: Roberto Caruso


SPONSORED: Pesto and Sun-Dried Tomato Turkey Kabobs

Get the recipe: Pesto and Sun-Dried Tomato Turkey Kabobs

three turkey kabobs with tomato, green onion and pepper on skewersPhoto courtesy of Ontario Turkey

Grilled Glazed Beef and Veggie Kebabs

These juicy kebabs cook up in just 10 minutes, making them perfect for camping trips—or just cook them ahead and pack for your picnic. Marinate the meat overnight for optimal amazingness. Get the recipe: Grilled Glazed Beef and Veggie Kebabs

tray with grilled beef, pepper and red onion skewersPhoto: Maya Visnyei

Sweet Chili Chicken Sticks

Kids prefer to eat with their hands, so why not play to their strengths? The sweet, mild glaze will ensure every last bit is devoured. Get the recipe: Sweet Chili Chicken Sticks

three skewers with chicken, asparagus and cherry tomatoesPhoto: Erik Putz


Greek Pork Kebabs

Dunk these kebabs in yogurt sauce or, if you’re feeling adventurous, slide the tender pieces of pork off the skewer and into a pita filled with Greek salad. Get the recipe: Greek Pork Kebabs

skewers with marinated and grilled porkPhoto: Jodi Pudge

Chicken-and-Veggie Kebabs with Parmesan Potatoes

Addictive cheesy potatoes on the side make this meal a hit. Get the recipe: Chicken-and-Veggie Kebabs with Parmesan Potatoes

plate of chicken skewers with cheesy potatoes on the sidePhoto: Roberto Caruso

Maple-Ginger Pork Kebabs

Brushed with a tasty sweet-savoury glaze, these kebabs are A+++. Get the recipe: Maple-Ginger Pork Kebabs

Meat and vegetables on kebabsPhoto: Roberto Caruso


Beef Satay with Thai Dipping Sauce

We absolutely love this kebab and sauce combo. The delicious dip is made with nut butter, coconut milk and a bit of red curry. It’s so good you’ll want to use it for more than just skewers (think tortilla chips, veggies, etc). Get the recipe: Beef Satay with Thai Dipping Sauce

beef skewers with a tangy dipping saucePhoto: Ryan Schulz

Honey-Glazed Chicken Skewers

Honey-kissed chicken pairs perfectly with a hydrating watermelon and cucumber salad. Come and get it. Get the recipe: Honey-Glazed Chicken Skewers

plate of chicken and veggies skewers with cucumber and watermelon saladPhoto: Andrew Grinton

Strawberry Shortcake

Might as well grill dessert since you’ve got that ‘cue lit. Yes, you can grill shortcake—and you should. Stacked with strawberry, a toasty marshmallow and drizzled with chocolate, it’s the perfect end to a perfect meal. Make it. Get the recipe: Strawberry Shortcake

Skewers with grilled cake, strawberries and marshmallowsPhoto: Erik Putz

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This article was originally published on Jun 02, 2019

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