19 Mother's Day brunch recipes

On that special Sunday in May, wouldn't it be wonderful if our families made one of these delicious brunch recipes in our honour? Pass this roundup on to the appropriate person, Mom.

19 Mother's Day brunch recipes

Photo: Roberto Caruso

Make mom brunch

French Onion Pan Quiche

Making a crust is a worthy extra step because this eggy filling is loaded with good stuff, like red onion and sharp Gruyère. Try not to wince when your kid puts ketchup on it. Get the recipe: French Onion Pan Quiche

china plate with square of crusted quichePhoto: Roberto Caruso

Lemon Ricotta Pancakes

Take your griddle cakes up a notch with the addition of smooth ricotta and tangy lemon zest. Get the recipe: Lemon Ricotta Pancakes

Plate of fluffy pancakes with blueberries and fresh whipped creamPhoto: Erik Putz


Cheese and Apple Crumpet French Toast

Spongy crumpets are perfect for sopping up a savoury egg mixture. Brush the tops with Dijon mustard and melt some cheddar. Now, pinky’s raised in a salute to your mother! Get the recipe: Cheese and Apple Crumpet French Toast

A plate full of crumpets with sauce on them next to a salad with peaches

Fancy Eggs and Toast Cups

If fancy means lining muffin cups with sliced bread, your kids will be all in on this project. The simple shell acts as a vessel for actual fancy ingredients: creamy cheese, smoked salmon and spring mix. Get the recipe: Fancy Eggs and Toast Cups

egg and salmon on toast

Dutch Pancakes

These thin, crepe-like pancakes swing savoury or sweet, so set out all of the filling options—goodies like caramelized pears, apricot jam, Nutella, smoked salmon or shredded ham and cheese. Get the recipe: Dutch Pancakes

fresh dutch pancakes filled with pear


Apple Cinnamon Monkey Bread

Have you met monkey bread yet? It’s a simple baking project to tackle with the kids while mom sleeps. They can roll out balls of dough and douse them in brown sugar and cinnamon before piling them in a bundt pan. And don’t even think about drizzling that sweet glaze without their assistance. Get the recipe: Apple Cinnamon Monkey Bread

plate of fresh monkey breadPhoto: Roberto Caruso


This is brunch, and you can make it as savoury as you want. May we suggest the coolest way to make nachos? Those are thinly sliced potatoes in place of chips. Nice, right? Get the recipe: Potachos

Plate of potato nachos topped with salsa, avocado, and cilantroPhoto: Craig Boyko

Spanish Chorizo Frittata

Make this one-skillet dish the night before, fire it up on Sunday morning and eat it alongside a green salad and the best crusty bread you can find. It’s loaded with not-too-spicy chorizo, tender taters and smokey paprika. Get the recipe: Spanish Chorizo Frittata

skillet with sausage frittata


Breakfast Pizza

Because why should you have to choose between the two? Mozzarella cheese, spinach, crispy bacon and eggs on top of pizza dough just makes sense. Get the recipe: Breakfast Pizza 

pizza with bacon and fried egg on topPhoto: Roberto Caruso

Ham and Cheese Waffles

Shredded cheese and ham are baked right into the waffle. Sweet, meet savoury. Now, pass the syrup. Get the recipe: Ham and Cheese Waffles

plate of waffles with ham and cheese inside

Slow-Cooker Cinnamon Crunch French Toast

Whip up this basically effortless stack of eggy bread the night before in your slow cooker. Mom will be so impressed when she wakes up to wafts of cinnamon-scented goodless. Get the recipe: Slow-Cooker Cinnamon Crunch French Toast

plate of French toast with fresh fruitPhoto: Roberto Caruso


Sheet Pan Black Bean and Sweet Potato Hash

Breakfast is just a sheet pan away. Roast up green peppers, red onion, sweet potato, corn and black beans (or whatever combination of veggies and beans you love), then top with a few sunny eggs. Get the recipe: Sheet Pan Black Bean and Sweet Potato Hash

A sheet pan with vegetables and an egg on it

Campfire Huevos Rancheros

Make your go-to brunch order at home. Refried beans, eggs and cheese are the best rolled up in a soft tortilla. Get the recipe: Campfire Huevos Rancheros

tortillas piled with refried beans, eggs and salsaPhoto: Roberto Caruso

Rhubarb-Walnut Sweet Tea Bread

Cake for breakfast? Yes, Queen! This not-too-sweet loaf offers the tartness of rhubarb (at season’s peak right now, FYI), balanced out by the sweetness of a lemon-y glaze. Get the recipe: Rhubarb-Walnut Sweet Tea Bread

glazed rhubarb loaf sliced on a platePhoto: Roberto Caruso



Poached eggs sit pretty in a tomato sauce with bits of feta cheese melted in. Toast up some pita or naan and get dunking. Get the recipe: Shakshuka

Skilled with tomato, artichoke, fried eggs and crumbled feta cheesePhoto: Erik Putz

Big Breakfast Pie

The gang’s all here with breakfast faves like ham, sausage, cheese and egg. We love that puff pastry does all the hard work. No dough-making required. Get the recipe: Big Breakfast Pie

puff pastry in a pie dish covered with egg, ham and cheesePhoto: Jodi Pudge

Decadent Berries and Cream Croissant-wich

This looks fancy but is super simple. That’s whipped cream and strawberries tucked into a store-bought croissant. Get the recipe: Decadent Berries and Cream Croissant-wich

Wooden tray in bed with a croissant topped chocolate drizzle and filled with berries and creamPhoto: Jodi Pudge


Caesar Salad Devilled Eggs

Take a trip to savoury town care of these party favourites. Topped with a Parmesan crisp and prosciutto, for garnish, this isn’t your grandma’s recipe (we love you, Grandma). Get the recipe: Caesar Salad Devilled Eggs

plate of devilled eggs topped with crispy baconPhoto: Roberto Caruso

Smoky Campfire Beans

Beans for brunch? Uh, yeah, it is the magical fruit, after all. These beans taste great warm or cold and can be paired alongside your scrambled eggs and toast. If you’re potluck-ing, these transport well and will garner you all the compliments. Get the recipe: Smoky Campfire Beans

pot of homemade baked beansPhoto: Roberto Caruso

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