15 easy pizza recipes

Did someone say pizza party? Faster than delivery, these easy pizza recipes are a snap to put together.

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15 easy pizza recipes

Photo: Roberto Caruso

Quick Margherita Pizza

Is there anything better than naan pizza? Store-bought naan is an instant base, which means homemade pizza on a Thursday night is entirely possible, plus leftovers make a no-brainer school lunch. Get the recipe: Quick Margherita Pizza

bento box with pizza, fig, chocolate, veggies and fruitPhoto: Erik Putz

Tuna Melt Pita Pizzas

These easy-to-make bite-sized pizzas come together fast and kick in loads of protein. Get the recipe: Tuna Melt Pita Pizzas

pita pizza with tunaPhoto: Jodi Pudge


Chicken Caesar Pizza

Why yes, we did combine two of your family’s favourites—Caesar salad and pizza—into a single, simple dinner. Because we’re wild like that. Get the recipe: Chicken Caesar Pizza

Plate of chicken pizza topped with shredded romaine lettucePhoto: Roberto Caruso

Breakfast Pizza

Yep, you can have pizza for breakfast! You can also up your breakfast-for-dinner game with this hearty pie. Get the recipe: Breakfast Pizza

pan pizza with bacon and eggsPhoto: Roberto Caruso

Grilled sausage and broccoli pizza

Summer grilling doesn't get better than this! You'll never want to go back to pizza in the oven once you've tried easy-clean-up pizza on the grill. Get the recipe: Grilled sausage and broccoli pizza

cut up pizza on a platterPhoto: Erik Putz


Tuna Melt Calzones

Who says pizza has to be flat? A savoury pocket is perfect finger food. Get the recipe: Tuna Melt Calzones

tuna calzone with grated carrotPhoto: Andrew Grinton

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Get the recipe: Zesty BBQ Turkey Mini Pizzas

two mini pizzas topped with grilled turkey, cheese and red pepperPhoto courtesy of Ontario Turkey

Grilled Veggie Pizza

Grill your pizza to make the crust extra delicious. Naan bread is sturdy enough to handle the heat. Get the recipe: Grilled Veggie Pizza

wooden platter with pizza topped with asparagus, red onion and peppersPhoto: Roberto Caruso


Mummy Pizza Grilled Cheese

Grilled cheese, meet pizza. This spooky open-face snack is super simple. Bet they eat the olives first. Get the recipe: Mummy Pizza Grilled Cheese

grilled cheese with olives and tomato saucePhoto: Roberto Caruso

Skillet One-Pan Pizza

Keep the oven off and make pizza on the stovetop tonight. One ball of store-bought dough yields two pies you can customize! Get the recipe here: Skillet One-Pan Pizza

pizza in a pan with cutterPhoto: Sian Richards

Hockey Rink Three-Cheese Pizza

Calling all hockey fans! This oh-so-cheesy pie is sure to satisfy your sporty kids. It’s really easy for them to make, too. Get the recipe: Hockey Rink Three-Cheese Pizza

pan pizza decorated to look like a hockey rinkPhoto: Maya Visnyei


Spanakopita Pizza

Eat all the greens with this easy pie. Frozen puff pastry serves as the brilliant base, making this the easiest pizza ever. Get the recipe: Spanakopita Pizza

Puff pastry pizza with spinach and cheesePhoto: Roberto Caruso

Calzones with Turkey Kielbasa

All hands on deck for these DIY pizza pockets. This might be the only acceptable time you can tell your kid to stuff it. Get the recipe: Calzones with Turkey Kielbasa

filling a calzone with cheese and veggiesPhoto: Roberto Caruso

Rainbow Pizza

Wow your family with the colour gradient made by red cabbage, peppers and broccoli. Loaded with texture and flavour, your kids have never seen a pizza like this. Get the recipe: Rainbow Pizza

pizza with ingredients arranged like a rainbowPhoto: Linda Louis


Sweet Pepper Flatbread Pizza

When tummies start to rumble, what's faster than delivery? Whipping up a simple flatbread pizza, obvs. There's no fussing with pizza dough and topping-wise, anything goes. Get the recipe: Sweet Pepper Flatbread Pizza

Flatbread pizza with slices of red and yellow and orange peppers with chicken and cheesePhoto: Jim Norton

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This article was originally published on May 15, 2019

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