11 tasty movie night snacks

What's the point of movie night if there are no snacks? Oh, right, to spend time with your family and friends and be entertained. But snacks help—we've got sweet, salty, crunchy and healthy options, so check 'em out.

11 tasty movie night snacks

Photo by Roberto Caruso

Ketchup Popcorn

Ketchup chips are a Canadian thing, and we’re into it. Rather than dipping your hand into a bag of processed chips, get elbow-deep in a bowl of fresh popcorn with a tangy ketchup seasoning. Look at you making things. Get the recipe: Ketchup Popcorn

Bowl of ketchup popcornPhoto by Roberto Caruso

White Chocolate Crunch

Hey, how do you feel about white chocolate and crunchy stuff? Oh, good, you’re going to love this fudge that’s packed with potato chips, pretzels, toffee, and a little zest of lemon. Get the recipe: White Chocolate Crunch

paper-covered box with fudgey squares insidePhoto: Ryan Szulc


3-ingredient Vanilla Ice Cream

Come on, make your own ice cream. The hardest part is waiting for it to freeze. If vanilla is too basic for you, try adding in your favourite mix-ins like chopped cookie dough, cocoa powder or frozen fruit. Get the recipe: 3-ingredient Vanilla Ice Cream

girl holding a vanilla ice cream conePhoto: Roberto Caruso

S’mores Faux Ice Cream Sandwiches

Get with the ultimate indulgence. Use store-bought or homemade cookies and stuff marshmallow fluff mixed with graham cracker crumbs and chocolate chips in the middle. It’s got all the flavour of s’mores without all the mess. Get the recipe: S’mores Faux Ice Cream Sandwiches

Stack of chocolate cookies with marshmallow fluff in the middlePhoto: Vincent Noguchi

Supper Nachos

If you’ve already had dinner, forgo the ground turkey in this cheesy dish and get right to snacking. Get the recipe: Supper Nachos

plate full of cheesy nachosPhoto: Erik Putz


Kettle Corn Snack Mix

Here’s what’s happening: Shreddies, pretzels, popcorn and dried cherries. Feeling wild? Add chocolate chips or chopped nuts. Get the recipe: Kettle Corn Snack Mix 

mason jar filled with popcorn and pretzel snack mixPhoto: Erik Putz

Chocolate Pretzel Granola Bars

As if you’ve never smuggled a granola bar into the theatre. They’re healthy-ish and definitely satisfy that sugar craving. This sweet and salty variety is perfect for your night on the couch with Netflix. Get the recipe: Chocolate Pretzel Granola Bars

tray of homemade granola bars with chocolate chipsPhoto: Roberto Caruso

Cashew Hummus

We’re big fans of sweet and salty treats, but veggies are our friends, too. This creamy hummus is great for dunking cut-up cukes or carrots, or swiping some warmed-up naan through. Get the recipe: Cashew Hummus

bowl of hummus with cucumber and crackers


Creamy Cheddar and Apple Bites

Go classic with these little cuties. They’re a cinch to make, just combine grated apple and creamy cheddar then pop in your mouth. Get the recipe: Creamy Cheddar and Apple Bites

plate with small cheese balls, crackers and apple slicesPhoto: Ryan Schulz

Kale Chips

Wanna see a magic trick? Crisp up kale, season with salt and watch your kids gobble it down like fiends. Get the recipe: Kale Chips

Plate of crispy kale chips with sea salt

Sangria Berry Mocktail

What are all these snacks good for without a fizzy drink to wash it all down? Kids and adults alike can partake in this mocktail that combines OJ, pomegranate juice, club soda and frozen fruit. Cheers! Get the recipe: Sangria Berry Mocktail

pink sangria cocktail in gold-trimmed cocktail glassesPhoto: Roberto Caruso

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This article was originally published on Jan 13, 2019

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