10 fresh grain bowl recipes

Are you living that grain bowl life? A fluffy, filling base layered with tasty protein, grated veggies, seeds, fruit, eggs—it's everything you want.

10 fresh grain bowl recipes

Grain bowl life

Portobello Mushroom Rice Bowl

Hmm, what have we got going on here? That would be meaty portobello mushrooms, grated carrots, sliced snow peas, crumbled feta, a bell pepper salsa, rice and cilantro. We’ll take all of it. Get the recipe: Portobello Mushroom Rice Bowl

Rice bowl topped with sliced green peas, grated carrots, grilled mushroom, feta cheese and cilantroPhoto: Erik Putz

Sesame-Ginger Beet Quinoa Bowl

Beet the dinnertime blues with this quinoa bowl. That’s grated beet, mixed with quinoa and in a sweet dressing. Top with sliced avocado, it’s the law! Get the recipe: Sesame-Ginger Beet Quinoa Bowl

Bowl of quinoa with shredded beets and sliced almondsPhoto: Erik Putz


Mushroom Grain Bowl

It’s hard to go wrong with mushrooms, green lentils, hazelnuts, quinoa and goat cheese. Get the recipe: Mushroom Grain Bowl

Plate with grains, sautéed mushrooms, onions and cheese with greensPhoto: Erik Putz

Miso Couscous Tofu Bowl

Oh, you’re not friends with miso yet? It’s made from soy beans and adds earthy flavour to dishes. In this case, it’s mixed with maple syrup and rice vinegar to create a sweet dressing. This recipe is so nice, you only have to cook the couscous, nothing else. Get the recipe: Miso Couscous Tofu Bowl

Plate with greens, grains, tofu, sliced avocado and carrots in a dressingPhoto: Sian Richards

Baked Chicken Freekeh Bowl

Get your freekeh on with this hearty bowl (guys, that joke was the worst and the grain is actually pronouced “freak-eh”). Chicken thighs stay juicy and these ones are soaked in a sweet-spiced marinade before being baked and mixed up with cherry tomatoes, red onion and romaine lettuce. Get the recipe: Baked Chicken Freekeh Bowl

Grain bowl with baked chicken, tomatoes, lettuce, red onion and dressingPhoto: Erik Putz


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Get the recipe: Turkey Quinoa Protein Bowl

10 fresh grain bowl recipesPhoto courtesy of Ontario Turkey

Ginger Beef Rice Bowl

Takeout‚—get out. Make your own ginger beef at home with this simple recipe. Ground beef, hard-boiled eggs, shredded veggies and all that rice, rice, baby. Get the recipe: Ginger Beef Rice Bowl

rice bowl with ground beef, hardboiled eggs and shredded veggiesPhoto: Erik Putz

Rainbow Veggie Quinoa Bowl

There’s so much going on here, let’s break it down: Crisp apple slices, shredded carrots and beets, a hard-boiled egg, mixed greens, sunflower seeds and a herbed yogurt dressing. It all comes together on top of fluffy quinoa. Get the recipe: Rainbow Veggie Quinoa Bowl

quinoa bowl with grated veggies, hardboiled egg and dressingPhoto: Erik Putz


Shrimp and Coconut Rice Bowl

The rice is cooked in coconut water and tossed with a bit of coconut oil, and the edamame and shrimp are poached in ginger-water. This dish is light on everything—except flavour. Get the recipe: Shrimp and Coconut Rice Bowl

bowl of rice, edamame, shrimp and seaweedPhoto: Erik Putz

Cuban Pork Barley Bowl

Perfectly seasoned pork keeps it real with roasted sweet potato, meaty black beans and chewy barley. This bowl is a trip. Get the recipe: Cuban Pork Barley Bowl

grain bowl with pork, sweet potato, black beans and kalePhoto: Erik Putz

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