9 forgot-about-dinner dinner recipes

It's 4pm, do you know what you're making for dinner? We are way too familiar with that end-of-day panic. These bail-out recipes will save you.

9 forgot-about-dinner dinner recipes

Tex-Mex Black Beans on Rice

Beans on rice is the ultimate last-minute meal. You’ve likely got both key ingredients in the cupboard and it cooks up in less than 30 minutes. Bonus: This dish can be easily transformed—use it to fill tacos or top it with a fried egg. Get the recipe: Tex-Mex Black Beans on Rice

bowl of rice with beans and avocadoPhoto: Roberto Caruso

Bacon, Cheese & Veggie Fritters

These little fritters will take whatever neglected veggies you find at the back of the fridge. Get the recipe: Bacon, Cheese & Veggie Fritters

plate of bacon and cheese frittersPhoto: Roberto Caruso


Kitchen Sink Cheese Omelette

The genius of an omelette: It works with virtually any leftover veggies you’ve got. So gather that wilting produce in your crisper and get to work. Get the recipe: Kitchen Sink Cheese Omelette

skilled with omelette with cheese and veggiesPhoto: Roberto Caruso

Shrimp and Red Pepper Stir-Fry

This stir-fry is faster than delivery and a whole lot tastier, too. Keep frozen shrimp stocked and you can whip this up like it ain’t no thang. Get the recipe: Shrimp and Red Pepper Stir-Fry

shrimp stir-fryPhoto: Roberto Caruso

SPONSORED: Quick Penne Pesto With Tomatoes

Get the recipe: Quick Penne Pesto With Tomatoes

9 forgot-about-dinner dinner recipesPhoto courtesy of Barilla


Tuna Puttanesca

Got a can of tuna and 25 minutes? Then you’ve got dinner. There’s four cups of spinach wilted in there, too (just grab one of those clamshells of pre-washed stuff on your way home), so this pasta has it all: Lean protein + greens. Get the recipe: Tuna Puttanesca

plate of pasta with tuna, basil, capers and tomatoesPhoto: Roberto Caruso

Cold Sesame Soba Noodle Dish

Soba noodles: Your new dinner saviour. The keys here are the quick-cooking noodles (they take about four minutes and can be served cold) and the dressing, which you can whisk together while the noodles cook. Add in veggies—fresh or frozen (we love peas and shelled edamame)—and it’s done. Get the recipe: Cold Sesame Soba Noodle Dish

plate of soba noodle salad with peppersPhoto: Erik Putz

Mushroom Quesadilla

The ulti-MELT dinner can be ready in 20 minutes of less. Stuff your quesadilla with anything: Baby spinach, leftover veggies or shredded chicken—just don’t forget the cheese, plus salsa and sour cream for dipping. Get the recipe: Mushroom Quesadilla

Cheesy quesadillas on white boardPhoto: Roberto Caruso


Quick Shrimp Fried Rice

Leftover rice can save dinner in a snap. Add a protein if you have it (frozen shrimp, scrambled egg, leftover chicken or beef), your veggies of choice (we like a frozen mix) and let the soy sauce fly. Get the recipe: Quick Shrimp Fried Rice

cast iron pan with rice, shrimp, eggs and mixed veggiesPhoto: Jodi Pudge

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This article was originally published on Apr 11, 2018

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