15 delicious vegan recipes

Embrace meatless with these scrumptious recipes. Vegan cooking is all about flavour, and these do not disappoint.

15 delicious vegan recipes

Mexican Quinoa

This well-spiced bowl is so versitile. Eat it as is or stuff it in a wrap as a burrito filling. Hot tip: Toasting grains and seeds, like quinoa, in a dry pan before adding liquid brings out their nutty flavour. Get the recipe: Mexican Quinoa

bowl of quinoa with tomatoes, black bean and corn

Red Lentils with Sweet Potato and Apricots

Sometimes vegan cuisine is labelled as boring. Try a spoonful of this cumin and cinnamon-spiced Moroccan-inspired dish and say it to our face. Get the recipe: Red Lentils with Sweet Potato and Apricots

bowl of lentil and sweet potato stew


Grilled Portobellos with Quinoa Salad

Our dressing in this recipe calls for honey, but maple syrup is a simple swap. Portobello mushrooms have a great meaty texture. Get the recipe: Grilled Portobellos with Quinoa Salad

portobellos mushroom caps filled with quinoa saladPhoto: Robert Caruso

Crispy Tofu Nuggets

Firm tofu is a tasty treat under a blanket of Panko crumbs. Dunk them in your favourite dip. Get the recipe: Crispy Tofu Nuggets

plate of breaded tofu croutons with dipPhoto: Erik Putz

Miso-Maple Tofu Kebabs

Tofu gets a bad rap, but when marinated and crisped up (whether baked, grilled or fried), it’s a really nice way to get your protein. These sweet skewers rule. Get the recipe: Miso-Maple Tofu Kebabs

kebabs with grilled tofu and veggiesPhoto: Roberto Caruso


Sautéed Squash and Quinoa Salad

Here’s the thing with this salad: it’s a complex mix of sweet and savoury, tender and crunchy (plus loads of filling protein in for form of quinoa and pepitas) that’s off the chain. We love the tahini dressing (swap the honey for maple syrup here) and cubes of caramelized squash. Get the recipe: Sautéed Squash and Quinoa Salad

plate of arugula salad with squash, quinoa and seedsPhoto: Maya Visnyei

Smoky Campfire Beans

Great for potlucks, for brunch, for eating warm or cold, these baked beans are sweet and bold, thanks to maple syrup and smoked paprika. Get the recipe: Smoky Campfire Beans

pot of homemade baked beansPhoto: Roberto Caruso

Make-Ahead Lentil Chili

You don’t need beef to have a good time. This hearty chili packs sweet potato, beans and a bold flavour. And don’t skimp on the toppings, either—you might be surprised to discover how tasty vegan dairy products can be. Get the recipe: Make-Ahead Lentil Chili

enamel bowl filled with chunky veggie chiliPhoto: Roberto Caruso


Chana Masala

Reduce or omit the jalapeno if your little one is senstive to spice. Serve over jasmine rice and gobble it up with warm naan. This complete protein meal can do no wrong. Get the recipe: Chana Masala

plate of chickpea chana masala with naanPhoto: Erik Putz

Vegan Tofu Scramble

No eggs, no problem—golden turmeric gives crumbled tofu an egg-y sorta look and feel. Black beans kick in extra lean protein and the flavour bomb of red pepper, garlic, onion, chili powder and avocado will blow your mind. Get the recipe: Vegan Tofu Scramble

15 delicious vegan recipesPhoto: Roberto Caruso

No-Bake Brownie Bites

Here’s your first lesson in raw vegan baking: Dates are your best friend. They’re naturally sweet and hold their own when mixed with cocoa powder and nuts to create a convincingly decadent and chewy brownie substitute. Get the recipe: No-Bake Brownie Bites

chocolate balls covered in nuts and coconutPhoto: Roberto Caruso


Vegetarian Pho

Pho is great because it’s such a choose-your-own-adventure dish. Start with a veggie broth base and add cinnamon, star anise, ginger, garlic and cilantro stalks to create a fragrant flavour. The party starts when each player garnishes their own bowl with whatever they want. We’re fans of smoked tofu, loads of bean sprouts and always a drizzle of hoisin. Get the recipe: Vegetarian Pho

bowl of pho with chopsticksPhoto: Andrew Grinton

Tomato, Lentil and Coconut Soup

So, this recipe isn’t vegan because it calls for butter. But vegan cooks know how to roll with it and adapt recipes—and this is an easy fix. Swap that butter for a vegan brand or use olive or coconut oil. Lentils make the soup hearty, while sweet coconut milk tones down the tomatoes’ acidity and makes it smooth and rich. Get the recipe: Tomato, Lentil and Coconut Soup

bowl of tomato soupPhoto: Erik Putz

Thai Tofu-Quinoa Bowl

If you’re after alternative proteins, you’ve come to the right spot. There are 19 grams per serving in this simple ditty thanks to quinoa, tofu—which you bake for a super-delish crispy finish—and easy edamame. Get the recipe: Thai Tofu-Quinoa Bowl

bowl of tofu quinoa stir-fryPhoto: Erik Putz


Mocha Chocolate Mousse with Tofu

This recipe calls for milk chocolate chips, but subbing for your fave vegan choco is no sweat. Get the recipe: Mocha Chocolate Mousse with Tofu

bowl of chocolate mousse with raspberries
This article was originally published on May 03, 2020

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