13 best bacon recipes

Because bacon.

13 best bacon recipes

Photo: Roberto Caruso

Our best bacon recipes

Maple-Bacon Sweet Potatoes

Take your sweet potato game from fine to off the charts with this simple hack: crispy bacon, sweet maple syrup and a dollop of sour cream. Get the recipe: Maple-Bacon Sweet Potatoes

sweet potato in foil with bacon and sour creamPhoto: Roberto Caruso

BLT Waffle-Wich

Why can’t sturdy waffles have a little sandwich fun? Here’s a trick: make a big batch of slightly undercooked waffles, cool them, then wrap individually and freeze. Toss ’em in the toaster when it’s BLT time, and they’ll be perfect. Promise. Get the recipe: BLT Waffle-Wich

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Breakfast Pizza

Will your favourite breakfast taste as good in pizza form? Duh. Crack the eggs right on top and watch them bake up to a perfect over-easy finish. Get the recipe: Breakfast Pizza

pan pizza with bacon and eggsPhoto: Roberto Caruso

Crunchy Bacon Macaroni and Cheese

Take regular mac and cheese and crank it up a notch with salty, crispy bacon. What could go wrong? The answer is nothing, everything about this idea is correct. Get the recipe: Crunchy Bacon Macaroni and Cheese

Three bowls of mac and cheese next to spoonsPhoto: Maya Visnyei

Cheddar and Bacon Scones

A fun weekend project, these hearty scones eat like a meal so tuck a few away for the lunchbox. The addition of buttermilk keeps these flakey bisquits from being too dry. Get the recipe: Cheddar and Bacon Scones

plate of freshly baked sconesPhoto: Maya Visnyei


Broccoli and Bacon Fried Rice

Take-out-style fried rice is within your grasp with this easy recipe. It gets a healthy upgrade thanks to perfectly crisp broccoli florets. Get the recipe: Broccoli and Bacon Fried Rice

frying pan with fried ricePhoto: Maya Visnyei

Corn Chowder with Chicken and Bacon

There’s something so right about a bowl of chowder. Especially this chunky medley with thick strips of bacon, chunks of chicken, potatoes, two types of corn (cream and whole—so good) and an added layer of flavour thanks to leeks. Plus, it goes from kernal to table in just 30 minutes. Get the recipe: Corn Chowder with Chicken and Bacon

bowl filled with corn chowder with bacon and chickenPhoto: Roberto Caruso

Maple-Bacon French Toast

Make this beauty in the slow cooker so it can greet you in the morning. Challah bread and thick-cut bacon really take traditional French toast to the next level. Get the recipe: Maple-Bacon French Toast

two slices of french toast with bacon on topPhoto: Roberto Caruso


One-Pan Creamy Bacon, Broccoli and Tomato Pasta

 We had you at one-pot, right? With green veggies, the sweet pop of cherry tomatoes and salty, crispy bacon to finish, we dare you not to slurp. Get the recipe: One-Pan Creamy Bacon, Broccoli and Tomato Pasta

pan of spaghetti with tomatoesPhoto: Roberto Caruso

Quick Kale and Bacon Tart

As the name implies, this eggy dish cooks up in a hurry. Chop up the kale super fine (hell, even take it for a spin in the food processor) and your fussy eater won’t even notice it. It pairs well with ketchup, too, in case your kids were wondering. Get the recipe: Quick Kale and Bacon Tart

sliced quiche ready to servePhoto: Andrew Grinton

Bacon, Cheese and Veggie Fritters

These little parcels are perfect for small hands. They’re delicious dunked in a creamy dip and pack a punch of smoke thanks to the bacon. Get the recipe: Bacon, Cheese and Veggie Fritters

plate of bacon and cheese fritters


Pasta Carbonara

Carbonara is a simple pasta that’s creamy and egg-y. Add some salty bacon and big shreds of Parm and you’ve got the most satisfying and simple weeknight meal. Get the recipe: Pasta Carbonara

pan with spaghetti, creamy egg sauce, bacon and parmesan cheesePhoto: Erik Putz

Corn and Bacon Hash

Hash is a humble dish. Serve it alongside whatever you’re throwing on the grill, we love the fresh, sweet pop of summer corn with the chewy, smoky flavour of bacon. Get the recipe: Corn and Bacon Hash

bowl of bacon and corn hash with wooden spoonPhoto: Andrew Grinton

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This article was originally published on May 22, 2017

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