10 dinner recipes from around the world

Expand your family's eating repertoire by bringing the flavours of the world to your dinner table.

By Eshun Mott

10 dinner recipes from around the world

7 dinner recipes from around the world

Jamaican Jerk Chicken

A great way to introduce little ones to a mild spice, this dish is the perfect way to warm up on a cool day. Get the recipe: Jamaican Jerk Chicken

plate with bbq chicken drum, cole slaw and beans and ricePhoto: Jodi Pudge

Italian Panzanella with Beans

We love this no-cook meal. Skip the homemade croutons in favour of store-bought or pile the chunky salad on pieces of crusty bread. Get the recipe: Italian Panzanella with Beans 

10 dinner recipes from around the worldPhoto: Jodi Pudge

Island Chicken and Mango Salad

Packed with tropical mango, this salad is a sweet addition on grey days. Shred leftover chicken or buy a ready-made one from the deli and whip this up in a snap on busy weeknights. Get the recipe: Island Chicken and Mango Salad

plate of salad with romaine hearts, shredded chicken, cucumber, red onion and mangoPhoto: Jodi Pudge

Japanese Shrimp and Cabbage Okonomiyaki

Who says cabbage can’t be delicious? These savoury pancakes are fun for kids to help make and gobble down. Dunk them in a mixture of mayo, Worcestershire and Asian chili sauce. Get the recipe: Japanese Shirmp and Cabbage Okonomiyaki

10 dinner recipes from around the worldPhoto: Jodi Pudge

Turkish Lamb Chops

Kids love lamb chops because they come with their own handle, and in this easy recipe there’s even a yogurt sauce to dip them in. If your budding foodie is resistant to spices, reduce the cayenne and cumin. Get the recipe: Turkish Lamb Chops

grilled lamb chops with chopped mintPhoto: Jodi Pudge

Little British Beef Pies

London’s calling with these savoury pockets. Use puff pastry to line the wells of your muffin tin for easy pies every time. Quiz your budding linguist on British slang like ‘rubbish’ and ‘fortnight’ as you assemble. Get the recipe: Little British Beef Pies

10 dinner recipes from around the worldPhoto: Jodi Pudge

Chinese Dan Dan Noodles

Mild and good for slurping, these noodles are a DIY meal with easy ingredients that can be swapped to facilitate whatever you have on hand. Get the recipe here: Chinese Dan Dan Noodles

bowl of noodles with ground pork, shredded carrot, green onion and peanutsPhoto: Jodi Pudge

Greek Pork Kebabs

Who doesn’t love food on a stick? With a marinade of oregano, thyme and lemon, dip them in some Greek yogurt. Get the recipe: Greek Pork Kebabs

skewers with marinated and grilled porkPhoto: Jodi Pudge

Braised Beef Taco

Taco night is any night. Try this braised beef recipe or use ground beef, shredded chicken, roasted veggies, grilled shrimp or fish. And may we also suggest a corn tortilla? They’re the best. Get the recipe: Braised Beef Taco

corn tortilla with braised beef, avocado and lettucePhoto: Maya Visnyea

Creamy Chicken Curry

Skip the take-out joint in favour of a simple DIY curry. Play around with the spices to create a heat that works best for your crew. Get the recipe: Creamy Chicken Curry

10 dinner recipes from around the worldPhoto: Jodi Pudge

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This article was originally published on Aug 02, 2012