9 food trends for families

New year, new food trends. Here's how to make 2018's hot list—which includes dairy-free desserts, bold flavours and full fats—work for your family.

9 food trends for families

Photo: Erik Putz

Food trends for families


Souping is the new juicing, friend. And with so many tricked-out blenders on the market that can basically run your life (and also heat foods!), making a brothy meal is souper easy (ha, see what we did there?). It’s a slick way to get those veggies down and a cool tool for introducing new flavours like miso, too. Get the recipe: Green Pea with White Bean Soup

bowl of pea soup with baconPhoto: Roberto Caruso

Plant-based proteins

Plants are the new meat. Think potato-based burgers developed by scientists that “bleed” or vegan restaurants with dishes so savoury, seasoned carnivores can’t believe it’s not meat. But plant proteins don’t have to be complicated, quinoa, hemp, lentils, tofu and beans all fit the bill. Get the recipe: Crispy Tofu Nuggets

plate of breaded tofu croutons with dipPhoto: Erik Putz


Full fats

Remember when everyone was afraid of butter and oil? Those dark days are over. Turns out butter isn’t as evil as everyone thought, and in moderation, it and other full fats like ghee, yogurt and EVOO are actually really good for you. Get the recipe: Homemade Butter

9 food trends for families

Moroccan flavours

Bold flavours are in store for 2018. They aren’t too spicy for developing palates, so invite cumin, coriander and cardamom to your next dinner party. Get the recipe: Quick and Saucy Moroccan Chicken

marinated chicken breasts with raisins and apricots with sugar snap peasPhoto: Maya Visnyei


Virgin drinks aren’t just orange juice and Sprite anymore, baby. With booze-free cleanses and people opting to simply consume less alcohol, the mixology world has stirred up some fun and fancy ideas. Get the recipe: Sangria Berry Mocktail

pink sangria cocktail in gold-trimmed cocktail glassesPhoto: Roberto Caruso


Dairy-free desserts

With so many allergies and dietary restrictions, it’s no wonder dairy-free sweets are in the spotlight. But what replaces dairy in the classics? Try silken tofu to make a ‘cheesecake’, or subbing a can of coconut milk or cashew cream for puddings and mousses. For baked goods, coconut oil stands in for butter. Trust us, give this trend a whirl. Get the recipe (p.s. this calls for milk chocolate chips, so swap for dark): Mocha Chocolate Mousse with Tofu

bowl of chocolate mousse with raspberriesPhoto: Erik Putz

Snap peas

These green pods are topping searches on Pinterest. Try them in a stir-fry or sauteed with oil and garlic. Get the recipe: Hoisin Beef Stir-Fry

Plate of beef stir-fry with peppers and broccoli over rice

Sheet pan dinners

Getting food on the table quickly and easily is always the mission. Enter sheet pans, your new best friend during the dinner time grind. Everything cooks up together on one tray, minimal prep, tasty results. Every time. Sheet yeah! Get the recipe: Sheet Pan Sesame Salmon and Broccoli

Salmon, broccoli and mushrooms on a sheet pan

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This article was originally published on Jan 05, 2018

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