12 saucy recipes

There's a time and a place for sauce. With these dishes, the time is always and the place is your plate. Get inspired with these easy, saucy recipes.

12 saucy recipes

Photo: Erik Putz

Recipes to get saucy with

Beef Satay with Thai Dipping Sauce

Perfect for tucking in a lunchbox, these savoury beef skewers are begging to be dunked in our not-too-spicy Thai sauce. It’s made from soy nut butter, red curry paste and coconut milk. Yum. Get the recipe: Beef Satay with Thai Dipping Sauce

bento box with beef skewers and dipping saucePhoto: Erik Putz

Mini Meatball Subs

Who can resist a miniature meatball? Doused in a tomato sauce and sandwiched between a squishy roll, this recipe receives our nomination for best meal in the dinner and lunch categories. Get the recipe: Mini Meatball Subs

mini meatball subsPhoto: Andrew Grinton


Creamy Salmon Fettuccine

Oh, hey, this is just some creamy, restaurant-style pasta that’s lower in fat than your fave Italian joint’s signature dish. Spears of asparagus go down easy when dripping in a rich sauce. Get the recipe: Creamy Salmon Fettuccine

Skilled with creamy pasta topped with flakes of salmon and spears of asparagusPhoto: Jodi Pudge

Turkey Bulgur Cabbage Rolls

We took the classic Eastern European dish and swapped beef for lean ground turkey. We added bulgur, a whole grain, to up the fibre, too. Get the recipe: Turkey Bulgur Cabbage Rolls

two cabbage rolls with tomato sauce on a platePhoto: Erik Putz

Sheet Pan Sesame Tofu and Veggies

We love the idea of a full meal coming together on a tray. Simple prep, delicious results. If you’re new to the tofu game, here’s a great gateway. Throw some chili-garlic sauce on the finished product since this is a sauce roundup, people! Get the recipe: Sheet Pan Sesame Tofu and Veggies

Plate with roasted tofu with glaze and roasted veggies with ricePhoto: Erik Putz



A not-too-thick but not-too-soupy, smoky tomato sauce is topped with yolky eggs, artichoke hearts and feta cheese. No spoons required, use warm naan to mop it all up. Get the recipe: Shakshuka

Skilled with tomato, artichoke, fried eggs and crumbled feta cheesePhoto: Erik Putz

Sticky-Sweet Ribs

Your slow-cooker knows what’s up, and it’s these saucy ribs. With a sweet, DIY barbcue sauce made from brown sugar, honey, garlic, ginger and mustard, you know we’re not messing around. For a crispy finish, arrange cooked ribs meat-side up on a baking sheet and broil for three to four minutes. Get the recipe: Sticky-Sweet Ribs

Tray of pork ribs covered in a sticky BBQ saucePhoto: Maya Visnyei

Herbed Crepes with Chicken, Asparagus and Mushrooms

You might be close friends with sweet crepes, but maybe it's time you give savoury a try. That’s green onion and parsley hanging out in the milky batter. The sauce on the chicken and asparagus? That’s just a creamy brown butter that you’re about to be obsessed with. Get the recipe: Herbed Crepes with Chicken, Asparagus and Mushrooms

herbed crepe stuffed with saucy chicken, asparagus and mushrooms


Pulled Pork with Ginger-Bourbon Sauce

Would this even be a sauce recipe roundup without pulled pork? Basically a vehicle for eating barbecue sauce, this slow-cooker classic uses a surprising ingredient. But we’re not going to tell you, so click to check it out. Get the recipe: Pulled Pork with Ginger-Bourbon Sauce

saucy pulled pork piled high on a bun with coleslawPhoto: Roberto Caruso

Sesame and Sweet Chili Tofu

Here’s tofu again, showing that he’s the master of sauce. This version uses soft tofu, which is creamy, mild in flavour and custard-like. Topped with a sweet-chili sauce, it’s a quick and easy dinner. Get the recipe: Sesame and Sweet Chili Tofu

plate of tofu with a sweet chili glaze alongside bok choy

Ravioli Lasagna

Here’s the deal: fresh, store-bought ravioli is layered in the slow-cooker like a lasagna. It’s a fun variation to try. Get the recipe: Ravioli Lasagna

bowl of ravioli with cheese and tomatoesPhoto: Maya Visnyei


Easy Butter Chicken

Chicken thighs are more tender and flavourful than chicken breasts—cheaper, too! They’re perfect in a saucy dish like this. Also, look at you making a rich Indian sauce all by yourself. Get the recipe: Easy Butter Chicken

butter chicken on top of rice with piece of naanPhoto: Roberto Caruso

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This article was originally published on Jun 12, 2019

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