Buffet party menu No. 1: Taco bar

A DIY taco bar is the perfect buffet party idea for families with little kids or diverse tastes—picky eaters and adventurous diners alike can build their own hand-held meals.


A DIY taco party is a simple, fun way to serve a crowd of diners big and small. Much of the meal can be prepped ahead of time, so there’s no panic about getting everything to the table while it’s hot. Set up a station with dishes of taco fillings and toppings, and let your guests serve themselves—that way everyone gets exactly what they want for dinner.

Make-ahead tips:  Cook taco fillings the day before, and reheat just before serving.Shred cheese the day before (or buy pre-shredded cheese). Ice pops and drink mixes can be made ahead, too.

Here’s what you need:



Mexican meals calls for a fruity drinks. These DIY mixes can be partially made ahead—add the fizz just before serving. Grown-ups can add a splash of tequila or light rum, if desired.



Paletas, a kind of fruity ice pop, are a popular dessert in Mexico, and a no-fuss end to an easy taco party. Serve store-bought pops right out of the box, or make your own. Tip: Creamy ice pops made with yogurt or milk are delicious when rolled in a plate of graham-cracker crumbs just before serving.

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