Baby showers

18 baby shower recipes

Every baby shower needs an impressive food table. Try these easy (and elegant) baby shower recipes for the right mix of filling, festive and sweet.

18 baby shower recipes

Photo: Roberto Caruso

18 delicious baby shower recipes

Delicious spread

Whether you’re hosting the party for the mom-to-be or bringing a contribution for the food table, these delicious dishes will have everyone hounding you for recipes (just point them here, thanks).

pregnant woman at baby shower with table of foodPhoto: Roberto Caruso

Salad in a Jar

Keep things easy with individual salads. Set out a few different dressings so guests can shake it up (literally). Get the recipe: Salad in a Jar

pregnant woman holding mason jar filled with red quinoa, shrimp, cherry tomatoes and spring mixPhoto: Roberto Caruso


Baby Potato Bites

A cinch to put together, these bite-sized morsels will be the hit of the party because potatoes, sour cream and smoked salmon always equal a good time. Get the recipe: Baby Potato Bites

plate of smoked salmon appetizersPhoto: Roberto Caruso

Lime Macarons

Every shower needs a selection of adorable tiny treats—and these delicate French bites do not disappoint. Get the recipe: Lime Macarons

woman holding a small plate with two lime macaronsPhoto: Roberto Caruso

French Onion Pan Quiche

A savoury mixture of egg, red onion and cheese on a buttery crust. Yep, this is a good one. Get the recipe: French Onion Pan Quiche

china plate with square of crusted quichePhoto: Roberto Caruso


Sangria Berry Mocktail

A dry party doesn’t have to be a dull party, especially with a fizzy and fruity mocktail in the mix. Get the recipe: Sangria Berry Mocktail

18 baby shower recipesPhoto: Roberto Caruso

Rhubarb-Walnut Sweet Tea Bread

This pretty, not-too-sweet loaf is the perfect thing for an afternoon shower. The lemon-sugar glaze seals the deal. Get the recipe: Rhubarb-Walnut Sweet Tea Bread

glazed rhubarb loaf sliced on a platePhoto: Roberto Caruso

Coconut Candy Rattles

Swap the colour of the sprinkles and paper straws to match your theme and these cute candy rattles make a dainty desset or the perfect take-away for guests. Get the recipe: Coconut Candy Rattles

plate with dipped cake pops in black and yellow made to look like fancy old-timey rattlesPhoto: Roberto Caruso


Turkish Lamb Pops

Melt-in-your-mouth lamb is always a crowd pleaser. Plus, it’s got a built-in handle for easy devouring. Get the recipe: Turkish Lamp Pops

grilled lamb chops with chopped mintPhoto: Jodi Pudge

Lime and Raspberry Petits Fours

These sweet little cakes are totally worth the effort. Get the recipe: Lime and Raspberry Petits Fours

small pink cakes on pretty china platePhoto: John Cullen

Devilled Eggs

With Greek yogurt and a dash of chili sauce, these ain’t your grandma’s devilled eggs. Get the recipe: Devilled Eggs

18 baby shower recipesPhoto: John Cullen


Ketchup Popcorn

These tangy kernels are so addictive, you’re going to want to double—or triple—the batch. Get the recipe: Ketchup Popcorn

Bowl of ketchup popcornPhoto by Roberto Caruso

Corn and Squash Succotash

This crunchy, colourful salad eats like a meal, as it’s got plenty of protein-packed edamame. Want to make it heartier? Lay some grilled sausage overtop. Get the recipe: Corn and Squash Succotash

plate of fresh corn, edamame and chopped veggiesPhoto: Erik Putz

Lemon Meringue Pie

Heaps of fluffy meringue sit atop deliciously tart lemon filling. If you’re going for finger foods, this recipe works just as well with mini pie shells. Get the recipe: Lemon Meringue Pie

18 baby shower recipesPhoto: Tony Lanz


Spinach Pie Bites

These flaky bites are practically perfect. And don’t sweat—feta is fine for pregnant friends as long as it’s made from pasturized milk. Get the recipe: Spinach Pie Bites

Greek spinach appetizersPhoto: Jodi Pudge

Vietnamese Roast Chicken and Salad Rolls

Fresh salad rolls are ideal party food. This recipe uses store-bought rotisserie chicken, which makes these yummy rollups a breeze to assemble. Get the recipe: Vietnamese Roast Chicken and Salad Rolls

tray of homemade Vietnamese rolls with fish saucePhoto: Maya Visnyei

Kettle Corn Snack Mix

Who doesn’t love a little sweet and salty? This treat would make a cute party favour too, packed into a individual decorative boxes or tied up in cellophane bags. Get the recipe: Kettle Corn Snack Mix

18 baby shower recipesPhoto: Erik Putz


Strawberry Shortcake

Dessert on a stick is the way to go. Grilled pound cake + roasted mallow + juicy strawberry with a drizzle of chocolate sauce. That’s what we’re talking about. Get the recipe: Strawberry Shortcake

Skewers with grilled cake, strawberries and marshmallowsPhoto: Erik Putz

Beef Satay with Thai Dipping Sauce

Give us all the food on sticks! These beefy babies are juicy and delicious when dunked in this simple and only-a-little-bit-spicy dipping sauce. Get the recipe: Beef Satay with Thai Dipping Sauce

beef skewers with a tangy dipping saucePhoto: Ryan Schulz

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This article was originally published on Jun 25, 2017

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