10 easy make-ahead camping recipes

Prep in the kitchen, pack in the cooler and do (almost) nothing but enjoy these simple make-ahead camping meals by the light of the fire.

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10 easy make-ahead camping recipes

Photo: Roberto Caruso

Bake-Ahead French Toast Loaf

As the name suggests, do the work at home, reap the rewards of of chewy, nutty, fruity bread around the campfire on those early (OMG, so early) mornings. Get the recipe: Bake-Ahead French Toast Loaf

tray of bread with nuts and berriesPhoto: Roberto Caruso

Smoky Campfire Beans

This tasty dish is going into regular rotation, campfire-side or not, trust. It’s sweet, smoky and will make you the star of brunch. Get the recipe: Smoky Campfire Beans

pot of homemade baked beansPhoto: Roberto Caruso


Mexican Chicken Scallopini Fajitas

Get that chicken marinated and skewed in plastic bags in the fridge until go time (aka cooler time). Then it’s smooth sailing grilling them over the fire. Of course you remembered to pack the sour cream, cilantro and lime. You fancy. Get the recipe: Mexican Chicken Scallopini Fajitas

Grilled tortilla with chicken, cheese and sour creamPhoto: Roberto Caruso

Foil-Packed Veggies

Chop and wrap these veggies at home so they’re ready and willing to get soft and flavourful on the fire. Get the recipe: Foil-Packed Veggies

onions, peppers and zucchini in foilPhoto: Roberto Caruso

One-Pot Mac and Cheese

Skip the box, you’re better than that. Especially when this simple one-pot recipe comes together in literally 20 minutes. It’s cheesy, creamy and has a bit of zip thanks to tangy Dijon. Get the recipe: One-Pot Mac and Cheese

pot of macaroni and cheesePhoto: Roberto Caruso


Campfire Huevos Rancheros

Just because you’re outside cooking in the dirt doesn’t mean you can’t have fancy brunch. Cook your black beans ahead of time for max simplicity. Get the recipe: Campfire Huevos Rancheros

tortillas piled with refried beans, eggs and salsaPhoto: Roberto Caruso

Make-Ahead Lentil Chili

The minimal effort you’ll spend prepping this chili will reward you tenfold when it’s dark and cold and you’ve got a bowl of this comforting veg dish in your hands. Get the recipe: Make-Ahead Lentil Chili

enamel bowl filled with chunky veggie chiliPhoto: Roberto Caruso

Pull-Apart Cheesy Garlic Bread

You’ll be so chuffed with yourself when this gooey garlic bread is served. Prep the bread before you hit the road by cross hatching it most of the way through and stuffing it up with grated cheese and melty garlic butter. Get the recipe: Pull-Apart Cheesy Garlic Bread

close-up of cheesy garlic pull-apart breadPhoto: Roberto Caruso


Campground Paella

Are you friends with paella? You should be. It’s got it all: meat, rice and veg. This is what you want to spoon into your mouth after a long day of canoeing and exploring. Get the recipe: Campground Paella

bowl of rice and vegetable paellaPhoto: Roberto Caruso

S’mores Cones

Like we would forget dessert. Ice cream cones packed to the tip-top with melted chocolate chips and marshmallows will rate as the kids' top memory of your camping trip. Get the recipe: S’mores Cones

ice cream cones filled with melted marshmallow and chocolatePhoto: Roberto Caruso

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This article was originally published on Jun 27, 2019

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