10 fun kid-friendly, adult-approved party foods

You could argue a good party relies on good company—but we think it's all about the food.

10 fun kid-friendly, adult-approved party foods

Photo: Craig Boyko

Kid-friendly party food

Indian-Spiced Chicken Sticks

What’s a party without food on sticks? Juicy chicken thighs are bold-but-not-too-spicy and taste great dunked in yogurt-based raita. Get the recipe: Indian-Spiced Chicken Sticks

Wooden skewers with marinated chicken and cucumberPhoto: Roberto Caruso

Caesar Salad Devilled Eggs

All the flavours you love in a tidy little package. These bites always make a wicked party. Get the recipe: Caesar Salad Devilled Eggs

plate of devilled eggs topped with crispy baconPhoto: Roberto Caruso


Broccoli Cheddar Tots

These bite-sized buds are so perfectly cheesy and delicious, there’s no reason to reserve them only for special occasions. Get the recipe: Broccoli Cheddar Tots

mini loaves with broccoli and cheddar cheesePhoto: Roberto Caruso

Sesame Tofu Cakes

“Oh, you made these?!” They’ll exclaim, mouths full. Yep, you did. And you know what, it was easy. Crumbled tofu, grated veg, herbs and some Asian sauces, you know what’s up. Get the recipe: Sesame Tofu Cakes

plate of little round tofu cakes with parsleyPhoto: Craig Boyko

Leek and Shrimp Potstickers

Yeah, you could buy these in the freezer aisle, or you could choose your own adventure, enlist the kids’ help and create a potsticker assembly line. Get the recipe: Leek and Shrimp Potstickers

Plate with potstickers, chopsticks and soy sauce to dipPhoto: Roberto Caruso



Onigiri, pronounced oh-knee-gee (hard g)-ree, is a Japanese dish of stuffed rice that’s wrapped in nori (seaweed). In this case, these’s some mayo-tossed, cooked, smoked fish tucked inside—a true flavour bomb. Get the recipe: Onigiri

Black plate with rice rolled in seaweed and sprinkled with sesame seedsPhoto: Craig Boyko

Italian Meatball Bites

Caprese staples basil and bocconcini ditch upgrade from cherry tomato to a new friend: turkey meatball! The trio tastes great swiped through marinara. Get the recipe: Italian Meatball Bites

plate of homemade meatballs on skewers with bocconcini and basil in marinara saucePhoto: Roberto Caruso


Oh, you don’t know about potachos? Thinly sliced potatoes take the place of tortilla chips in this hearty nacho-style dish. Get the recipe: Potatchos

Plate of potato nachos topped with salsa, avocado, and cilantroPhoto: Craig Boyko


Butter Chicken Satays

Use store-bought butter chicken sauce for these because you’re, like, really busy getting prepped for a kid-friendly partay. Get the recipe: Butter Chicken Satays

pieces of butter chicken on skewers with creamy dipPhoto: Jim Norton

Baby Potato Bites

These little potatoes look like a big deal, but they’re easy-peasy. Get the recipe: Baby Potato Bites

plate of smoked salmon appetizersPhoto: Roberto Caruso

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This article was originally published on Nov 27, 2017

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