10 Friday night junk food recipes

Bust out your favourite pair of stretchy pants because Friday nights were made for comforting junk food like this. Pass the remote.

10 Friday night junk food recipes

Photo: Erik Putz

Friday-night-not-light recipes

Supper Nachos

This is nacho ordinary dinner. Loaded with ground turkey, beans, tomato and loads of cheese, this is way more than just a tray of chips. Get the recipe: Supper Nachos 

plate full of cheesy nachosPhoto: Erik Putz

Breakfast Pizza

Is there anything pizza can’t do? Store-bought dough is the perfect base for bacon and eggs and yeah, there’s some spinach melted into the cheese too. Get the recipe: Breakfast Pizza

pizza with bacon and fried egg on topPhoto: Roberto Caruso


Chocolate-Coated Kettle Chips

This snack says: I want it all, and I shall have it all. The ultimate in sweet and salty indulgence, the kids can totally help with this one—all you need is plain kettle chips and milk chocolate. Get the recipe from Chatelaine: Chocolate-Coated Kettle Chips

plate of chocolate dipped chipsPhoto: Roberto Caruso

“Fried” Chicken Fingers

An upgrade on the pub classic, these chicken fingers are dredged in a mixture of honey, egg and Dijon, then coated in crushed corn flakes. Pass the plum sauce. Get the recipe: “Fried” Chicken Fingers

plate of chicken fingers and dipPhoto: Roberto Caruso

Kettle Corn Snack Mix

Celebrate movie night with the best snack mix of all time: Sweet-salty popcorn stirred with pretzels, Shreddies, dried fruit and nuts. A few handfulls of your favourite chocolate candy certainly won’t hurt either. Get the recipe: Kettle Corn Snack Mix

mason jar filled with popcorn and pretzel snack mixPhoto: Erik Putz


Mini grilled fish taco recipe

This recipe calls for grilled rainbow trout, but if you’re low on energy and just want to eat, frozen fish sticks make a super-tasty stand-in. Get the recipe: Mini Grilled Fish Tacos

tacos filled with grilled fish and veggiesPhoto: Roberto Caruso

One-Pot Mac and Cheese

No other mac and cheese matters. This is the only one you need. Simple, creamy and with a bit of Dijon for kick, it’s best eaten on the couch in sweatpants. Get the recipe: One-Pot Mac and Cheese

pot of macaroni and cheesePhoto: Roberto Caruso

Roasted cauliflower and Spinach Quesadilla

Vegetarian food isn’t boring food. These soft tortillas are packed with roasted veggies and held together with loads of stringy cheese. Trust us, you want this tonight. Get the recipe: Roasted Cauliflower and Spinach Quesadilla

veggie-filled quesadillas on a cutting boardPhoto: Roberto Caruso


Rocky Road Brownies

Sweet, dense, chewy brownies topped with a golden layer of marshmallows? The perfect dessert for eating out of the pan while watching Netflix. Get the recipe: Rocky Road Brownies

plate of marshmallow-topped browniesPhoto: Roberto Caruso

Turkey Burger with Cranberry Ketchup

Skip takeout—these burgers couldn’t be easier. Mix lean turkey with whole-milk yogurt and get ready to party with these super-juicy patties. Get the recipe: Turkey Burgers with Cranberry Ketchup

burger on a bun with ketchup and picklesPhoto: Roberto Caruso

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This article was originally published on Feb 15, 2019

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