20 holiday gifts kids can make

These homemade gifts don't suck. Gather your crew and get to work making these functional, on-trend and really awesome DIY presents.

By Mandy Milks
20 holiday gifts kids can make

Holiday gifts that kids can make

Clay ornaments

You can’t go wrong with an ornament gift. Kids love using craft clay (it’s not as messy as you think), so grab the cookie cutters and bright pens for decorating. Get the instructions here.

Ornaments made from clay in the shape of a christmas tree, ball and candy cane

Duct tape tray

Kids can make a cool catch-all to gift with colourful duct tape. It’s perfect for housing keys, glasses and loose change. This one has Grandpa’s name written all over it. Get the instructions here.

Tray with sunglasses, wallet and change made from duct tape


Embroidered patches

The awesome thing about making your own embroidered patch is you can design it however you want. Use your kid’s drawings as the inspiration or let them trace a design. Little makers will be so chuffed with their newfound stitching skills. Get the instructions here.

A woman and a girl making embroidered patches of flowers, bees and cacti

Fabric-covered pots

Mod Podge rules! Go old-school with these quick and easy fabric-covered pots. It’s a great way to upcycle yogurt containers and is an impressive gift for kids to make. Get the instructions here

Yogurt containers covered with fabric and filled with plants

Sparkly hair pins

Bring the bling with these simple DIY hairpins. They’re quick to make and will be well received by pint-sized BFFs. Get the instructions here.

Small box with DIY hairpins with stars and snowflakes on the ends


Dip-dyed macrame mobile

Your grandma’s fave craft from the ’70s is back in a big way. A few simple knots are all you need to learn to make this dangling masterpiece. It’s fun to dunk in paint, too. Get the instructions here

Hanging macrame mobile with dip-dyed pink ends

Cork mousepad

Want to make dad a gift he’ll actually use? This DIY mousepad is so easy to make—and will let Pops know how awesome he really is. Plus, kids love to colour, so put those skills to good use. Get the instructions here.

Cork mouse pad that reads

Owl eye mask pillow

Make this adorable eye mask pillow out of felt and ribbon. The receiver will appreciate the care and will for sure get a hoot out of it (ha, see what we did there?). Get the instructions here

Sleeping mask in the shape of owl's eyes and ears


Pasta necklace

Forget those hokey pasta necklaces of the past. This geometric pendant is so in. Get the instructions here

Macaroni necklace with penne pasta that's been painted blue and stacked in a geometric pattern

Photo collage

You know all the doting aunts and uncles in your family will flip for this adorable, kid-crafted picture frame. Using just a few craft supplies and a big imagination, kids can make it in any size or configuration. Get the instructions here.

Collage of photos inside tiny boxes

Plastic lapel pins

Flair-obsessed kids can make trendy lapel pins at home with the magic of the oven. It’s a great gift to pass out to classmates and friends. Get the instructions here.

Little girl wearing a denim jacket covered in DIY plastic pins


DIY Puppet Marionette Kit

Let your kids’ imaginations run wild with this easy-to-make wooden craft marionette kit! Comes with a wooden blank horse marionette with hanging ribbon, and a paint set and brush. Find them here.

20 holiday gifts kids can make

Craft stick frames

What grandparent doesn’t want more and more pics of their grandkids? Make them a cute frame to hang from the tree. Better start eating those ice pops. Get the instructions here.

Hanging photo frames in honeycomb shape with family photos inside

DIY Fox Key Ring Kit

This fun fox key ring kit is the perfect gift for the youngest and newest of stitchers 5 years and older, and is made with 100% natural wool. Find them here.

20 holiday gifts kids can make


Splatter paint shoes

For the fashionistas on their list (hey, big sister), these cool kicks fit the bill. Transform basic canvas shoes into trendy splattered sneakers. It may not feel like a craft but it’s still creative and budget-friendly. Get the instructions here

Feet wearing slip-on canvas shoes covered with paint splatters

Tassel necklace

This craft is quick and easy and can be made from dollar store supplies. It’s a great starter project for kids wanting to make their own jewelry. Grandma is stylin’ with this around her neck. Get the instructions here

Necklace with plastic thread tassels over a polkadot shirt

Decorated tea towel

We can get behind a crafted gift that’s cute and useful! Kids will feel so proud of their work while the receiver will love putting their custom tea towel on display. Get the instructions here

printed tea towels with wooden spoons


Mason jar terrarium

Who wouldn’t appreciate a custom bitty garden gnome poking out of a succulent? This one comes together quickly with impressive results every time. Get the instructions here

DIY plant terrarium with tiny gnomes

Toddler painting

Babies and toddlers want in on the gift-giving action, too. They can create a mess-free abstract post-modern masterpiece with this simple hack. Plus, they’ll be happily occupied so you can finally drink that cold coffee. Get the instructions here.

Baby with paint inside of a plastic bag for mess-free finger painting

Painted wooden spoons

Let’s face it, not all handmade gifts from kids are that useful, let alone stylish. But these DIY painted wood spoons almost look like they came from an Etsy shop. They’re super easy to make, even for little hands. Get the instructions here.

wooden spoons with painted ends

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This article was originally published on Nov 01, 2017

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