How to make a macrame dip-dyed mobile

Breathe new life into old-school macramé with this simple bohemian-inspired mobile.



  • 10-in. embroidery hoop
  • white twine
  • scissors
  • large bowl
  • fabric paint
  • water
  • craft stick
  • elastic band
  • garbage bag

1. Remove the outer bracket from embroidery hoop. Cut 90 pieces of twine in varying lengths (no shorter than 12 in.). Fold each piece in half. Bring each folded piece under, over, then pull the ends through the loop to secure.


2. Gather hanging twine in bunches of 4 strands. Knot together to secure half an inch below the embroidery hoop. Repeat all the way around the hoop.


3. Grab 2 pieces of twine from the first bunch and knot with 2 pieces of twine from the second bunch half an inch below the first row of knots. Repeat all the way around the hoop.



4. In a large bowl, use a craft stick to mix 3 tbsp of fabric paint with 3 cups of lukewarm water. Gather hanging twine and secure elastic midway. Soak the ends of the twine in the paint-water solution for 30 min. Lay out to dry on a plastic garbage bag for 24 hours. Remove elastic and secure outer embroidery hoop.


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This article was originally published on May 08, 2015

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