How to make a DIY mason jar terrarium

Roll up your sleeves and spread out a plastic sheet: It'll be worth making a little mess to create this adorable DIY terrarium with your kids. Top it off with a printout of your adorable little gnome.

Level of difficulty: Extra easy (not a glue gun or sewing needle in sight)
Age range: 3+
Even the smallest hands can scoop rocks and soil
Safety first: You don’t want soil or rocks ending up in kids’ mouths so keep a close eye on your materials and wash hands after you’re done
The takeaway: This craft comes together really easily and quickly, plus it’s a good time to talk about taking care of plants and how things grow. Getting those hands into the dirt might be the ultimate antidote to too much screen time.

You’ll need:
Mason jar (we used a recycled pickle jar)
Small plant (like a succulent)
Potting soil (choose the most appropriate soil for your plant)
Pebbles, rocks, sand and moss (you can find these at a garden centre or forage in your back yard)

Step 1
Start adding your layers and work up from large to small. We started with bigger rocks and a layer of moss for drainage and colour.

Step 2
Work up to your soil layer. All the pebble and moss layers create drainage since your glass jar doesn’t have any holes in the bottom—this will help prevent over-watering the plant. Add 1-2 inches of soil. (If you add too much, it will trap moisture and all the work you did with your layers won’t be effective.)

Step 3
Dig a little hole in the soil, loosen the roots and add your plant. Finish with a final layer of moss. Water the moss and not the plant. Succulents prefer to keep their leaves dry (they won’t be offended if you neglect them a little).

Step 4
For an adorable final touch, print out pics of your kids and tape a toothpick on the back. Don’t forget the little gnome hat–cut out of a piece of red felt and glue on. Tip: Remove your little gnomes when you water the plant.

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