Birthday parties

How to throw a star party

Make your kid’s birthday a bright one with our “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” theme—and watch the guest of honour’s face light up!

By Mandy Milks

How to throw a star party

1. Make your own banners by printing your message in big, blocky letters. Attach your printouts to sparkly coloured card stock using a gentle tape like washi. Cut out the letters and hole-punch the tops. String them together and adjust as necessary. Use the banners to decorate a wall or a high chair.

2. It’s super easy to transform your holiday LED lights into a twinkling string of stars for your birthday celebration. Just cut stars out of white paper, hole-punch the centre of each and place on the bulbs. Use a little tape to secure if they won’t stay on.

Tip: Achieve the starry night backdrop above by going Jackson Pollock on a navy dollar store tablecloth, then hanging it on the wall.

How to throw a star party

Craft You’ll need: Scissors, a hot glue gun, 2 or 3 craft felt sheets in different colours, ribbon and 4 pompoms.

1. Cut 2 crowns out of felt. Cut 3 stars out of different coloured felt and hot-glue to one of the crowns. Glue pompoms to the points.

2. Glue the two crown pieces together, then glue ribbon around the base of the crown.

3. Test out the crown for fit, and trim the long lengths of ribbon if needed.

For more detailed instructions click here.

Treat 1. Slice ice cream into 1-in.-thick slabs. Immediately use a star-shaped cookie cutter to create stars. Place them on a waxed paper–lined baking sheet, and place sheet on top of a baking dish filled with ice. Insert a Popsicle stick into each star. Freeze until firm, about 1 hour.

2. In the microwave, melt 6 cups of white chocolate melts in a tall measuringcup, stirring halfway through, 1 to 2 min. Melt 1½ cups each light and dark blue chocolate melts (in separate bowls), stirring halfway through, 1 min. Stir ¼ cup refined coconut oil into the white candy, and 1 tbsp into each of the blue candies. Drizzle a spoonful of each blue melted candy into the white melted candy. Use a skewer to swirl it around a bit.

3. Remove stars from the freezer. Working quickly, dip each into the candy melt swirl, then lift to let excess candy drip off. Place star back on waxed paper. Sprinkle with silver ball candies, if desired. Continue adding more blue into the white melted candy. Return to freezer until ready to eat.

How to throw a star party

Activity Parties are messy enough. This craft activity, popular at daycares, keeps little ones busy with very little cleanup!

1. Place a piece of paper in a large zip-top plastic bag.

2. Squirt in some paint, dump in some sparkly bits and then seal the bag.

3. Let little ones push the paint around. Once the guests are home, they can remove the paper and let it dry. Voila! A beautiful piece of baby-made art.

How to throw a star party

Loot Board books are a really cute (and sugar-free) loot bag alternative. Look for books on sale, in multi-packs or at the dollar store. How to Catch a Star, $8,

How to throw a star party

Snack Your guests’ parents will appreciate the tummy-filling and mood-calming protein in this super-easy party snack. Simply use a cookie cutter to create a cheese star and then insert a pretzel stick.

How to throw a star party

Details Dress up partygoers’ drinks by simply cutting out stars and then snipping two parallel slits in the middle of each one. Weave the stars over straws. Tip: Round the stars’ points a bit so they don’t poke anyone!

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