How to make a marker tea towel (awesome teacher gift)

A white tea towel is a wonderful thing to colour on. This DIY is so easy and fun, you may just want to jump right in and make one alongside your kid.

Level of difficulty: Easy peasy
Age range: 3+
Some set up help is required, but it’s otherwise easy for little hands.
Safety first: Fabric markers are permanent, so cover your kid and wash right away if ink comes in contact with her skin. An adult will have to do the ironing.
The takeaway: A craft and a gift that’s cute and useful! Kids will feel so proud of their work while the receiver—whether it’s a teacher, grandparent or anyone who finds themselves needing to wipe their hands in the kitchen—will love putting their custom tea towel on display. This project encourages kids to play with patterns and colour—they can try repeating geometric motifs or draw anything they like.

You’ll Need
white cotton tea towel
fabric markers

Step 1
Prewash your tea towel (especially if it’s new) and dry as usual.

Step 2
Give the tea towel a quick press so you have a smooth working surface. The markers will bleed through, so make sure to place something under the tea towel to protect your table.

Step 3
Mark it up! Let your kid use her imagination or brainstorm patterns together. Once your little designer is done, give the tea towel another quick press to heat-set the marker. Wait 24 hrs before washing again (and check the marker package to note any special instructions).

Step 4
Admire your kid’s work. Doesn’t it look profesh? Now go on and make your own set to match your kitchen.

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