How to make on-trend splatter paint sneakers

Create your own designer sneakers at home with this simple splatter paint craft.

Level of difficulty: Quick and easy
Age range: 5+ with help
Safety first: Fabric paint is an acrylic that doesn’t mix well with skin. An adult should do the hot-gluing, too.
The takeaway: With kid’s quickly growing feet, you could easily need to buy multiple shoes in a single school year. Trendy sneakers are expensive, but this is a fun way to primp affordable canvas ones.

You’ll need:
canvas shoes
fabric paint
painters’ tape
paint brushes or toothbrushes

Optional fringe:
craft felt
hot glue

Step 1
Using painters’ tape, cover all the areas you don’t want to get paint on, like the rubber soles. Stuff the shoes with paper and cover in tape to protect the insides.

Step 2
On a covered surface, start splattering the paint. Use as many or as little colours as you’d like and keep splattering until you’re happy with the design. TIP: Practise splattering on paper first until you get the hang of it. Let the shoes dry overnight.

Step 3
Remove the tape and voilà, splatter-painted shoes! Take it one step further by adding a cute fringe. To make, cut two identical squares of felt and snip strips along the bottom to create a fringe as shown above. Hot glue to the top of your shoes and trim to the desired length.

You can go straight from the runway to the playground in these sweet kicks.

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