Kate Middleton is in labour with the royal baby!

The royal baby is coming! Kensington Palace announced that Kate Middleton was admitted to the hospital in the early stages of labour.

This is not a drill! Kate Middleton is in labour. Kensington Palace announced the exciting news this morning (April 23) via Twitter, sharing that early this morning the Duchess of Cambridge travelled to St. Mary’s Hospital from Kensington Palace with the Duke of Cambridge by her side and was admitted in the early stages of labour.

Even though Catherine is in the early stages of labour, things will likely move very quickly. Kate arrived at the hospital at 6:00 a.m. when she was in labour with Princess Charlotte and gave birth to her just two hours and 34 minutes later. So it’s quite likely, if Kate’s labour progresses smoothly, we will have a royal birth announcement quite soon.

Of course, first the Queen has to be informed of the baby’s birth and then both families—and the new parents want a little time to enjoy their new baby. Then they will announce the news to us commoners via Twitter, sharing all the details of the baby’s birth, including whether we have a new prince or princess (I’m voting princess!).

Since this is a royal baby, Duchess Catherine has a massive medical team waiting on her. She has two obstetricians, three midwives, three anaesthetists, four theatre staff, two special care baby unit staff, four paediatricians, one lab technician and three to four hospital managers. Thankfully, Kate tends to have easy, natural labours (well, as easy as pushing a baby out can be), so she actually only used the midwives and her OBs when she gave birth to George and Charlotte. The rest of the 23-strong team is there just in case of an emergency.

Now, I encourage you to get a nice warm cup of tea and get comfy because it’s going to be a busy day! We will be back with news of the royal birth. And as long as Kate has a smooth delivery, we will likely see Prince William bring George and Charlotte to visit their new sibling and then the moment we’ve all been waiting for—William and Kate will leave the hospital with their new baby. Finally, pictures of the royal baby! My fascinator is on, is yours?

While we wait, click through all of Kate’s lovely maternity looks and marvel at how she managed to wear heels while she was nine months pregnant.

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