Did Kate Middleton just make a major change to her birth plan?

Kate Middleton's planning something a little different for the arrival of baby number three!

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Kate gave birth to both Prince George and Princess Charlotte at St. Mary’s Hospital, but it appears for her third delivery she is envisioning something slightly different: A home birth at Kensington Palace.

Respected royal reporter Camilla Tominey revealed in the Sunday Express that the duchess wants to have her baby at home because it will cause less disruption.

“She has discussed it with William and he is being very supportive. They both think it would be lovely for the family to have a home birth, particularly for George and Charlotte,” a royal source revealed to Tominey. “Above all, they both agree that having a home birth would save a massive intrusion into the day-to-day running of any hospital where she gave birth.”

If you remember George’s birth, media camped outside of St. Mary’s hospital for more than a month waiting for the future king’s arrival, which was obviously a massive inconvenience for both hospital staff and patients.

It’s believed that Kate had relatively easy, unmedicated births with both her children and expects to have the same with her third. Though this time, technically, the duchess is considered of “advanced maternal age” (a horrible term, we know!), so she is at risk for some delivery issues that her obstetricians will definitely be watching out for.

Kate may be getting her wish for a home birth, but it definitely won’t be your average home birth. She will deliver either at Kensington Palace if she’s in London or at Anmer Hall if the family is in the country. Plus, she will have a whole team of people to help her. When the duchess gave birth to George and Charlotte, she had a 23-person medical team and they will likely be on hand for her home birth as well. Though she mainly relied on three midwives and two OBs for her delivery, the rest of the staff are there as a precaution in case something goes wrong.

And if you are thinking Kate is breaking some major royal protocol with her birth plan, she’s actually not. The Queen gave birth to all her children at home—Prince Charles, Andrew and Edward were born at Buckingham Palace and Princess Anne was born at Clarence House. Plus, the Queen herself was delivered at her parents’ home. So Kate is actually carrying on a long tradition.

At this point, Kate’s birth plan is just a rumour—the palace will confirm everything closer to her due date—but if she does give birth at the palace, that means there will be a slightly different reveal of Baby Cambridge to the world. Usually we meet the newest royal on the steps of the hospital, but maybe William and Kate will introduce us to their baby in the gardens of Kensington Palace. How gorgeous will that be?

We have many months to go before we find out (Kate is due in April), so as we wait, let’s look back on some of Kate’s fashionable looks from her pregnancy.

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