Is this what Prince William and Kate Middleton are naming the royal baby?

WHOA! A major clue to the royal baby's name was just discovered. And though everyone thought William and Kate were going to name their baby Alice, it looks like they're not.

Is this what Prince William and Kate Middleton are naming the royal baby?

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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are pretty private people and don't really talk about their pregnancy to the press. That's why we don't have a due date (just a vague "their child is due in April 2018"), and can't confirm rumours that Kate is having a home birth. Because of the secrecy, they definitely won't discuss potential baby names, BUT bookies believe they know what the royal baby's name will be!

First of all, British gambling houses are convinced the royal baby is a girl—and drumroll please—her name will be Mary.

When William and Kate first announced they were expecting back in September, odds were on Alice being the name, but the moniker just got bumped from the top spot by Mary. Now, odds are 3-1 on Baby Cambridge being called Mary, 8-1 for both Alice and Victoria, and 16-1 for Alexandra.

Mary, which means "wished-for child," is a fitting name for a princess. The Queen's middle name is Mary, so it would be sweet for William to name his daughter after his beloved granny (Princess Charlotte Elizabeth is also named after Queen Elizabeth II). The Queen's grandmother (Queen Mary of Teck), was another beloved royal with the name.

If William and Kate do name their daughter Mary, she won't be the first Princess Mary of Cambridge. Her great-great-great-great-grandmother was actually the first!

Now how likely is it that the bookies are right? Well, when Kate was pregnant with Charlotte, they did rightly guess she was having a girl, but they were sure she was going to be named Alice. So they could be totally wrong. Personally, I am hoping for a Princess Victoria.

Here is everything you need to know about the potential royal baby names (including some possible boy names).

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