Halloween: 13 spooky recipes

Halloween can be so much more than store-bought candy. Here are some boo-tiful recipes that will get your family in the spirit.

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Halloween: 13 spooky recipes

Photo: Roberto Caruso

Monster Doughnuts

Are you ready to do the Monster Doughnut Mash? These spooky treats are perfect for your kid’s next birthday party or Halloween! Get the recipe: Monster Doughnuts

Monster doughnutsPhoto: Carla Antonio

Whole Roasted Cauliflower with Tomato-Pepper Sauce

Are you ready to eat brains? Well, not real brains but roasted cauliflower with tomato sauce brains. It’s actually quite delicious. Get the recipe: Whole Roasted Cauliflower

whole-roasted cauliflower on tomato saucePhoto: Dillan Cools


Mummy Pizza Grilled Cheese

Stuffed and topped with tomato and gooey cheese, then finished with soulless olive eyes, this is one yummy mummy grilled cheese. Get the recipe: Mummy Pizza Grilled Cheese

A black plate with a piece of bread covered in cheese and two black olivesPhoto: Roberto Caruso

Haunted Cupcakes

Who knew Oreos could be so cute? Use your favourite cupcake recipe or use the boxed kind. Get the instructions: Halloween Cupcake How-To

Cupcakes with bats on top of them made of OreosPhoto: James Tse

Grapefruit Owl

OK, so more cute than creepy, but your little night owls will have a hootin’ good time eating this healthy snack. Get the recipe: Grapefruit Owl

owl made out of fruitPhoto: Erik Putz


Candy-Corn Apples

What kid doesn’t love sinking their teeth into a sweet and sticky candy apple? Especially when it looks like candy-corn! Get the recipe: Candy-Corn Apples

apples covered in orange, yellow and white candy melts to look like candy cornPhoto: Roberto Caruso

Blackberry and Clementine Soda Syrup

This witches’ brew is devlishly sweet! Make this bubbly potion in two flavours that your kids will love. Get the recipes: Blackberry Soda SyrupClementine Soda Syrup 

Pumpkin carved in half with skull and crossbones, filled with ice and loaded up with homemade soda in glass bottlesPhoto: Roberto Caruso

Puffed-Rice Pumpkins

Because what’s a holiday without a themed puffed-rice and marshmallow treat? Get the recipe: Puffed-Rice Pumpkins

A black table with pumpkin shaped rice krispie treatsPhoto: Roberto Caruso


Marshmallow-and-Pretzel Skeleton Cupcakes

Recreate these frightful cupcakes using marshmallows, yogurt-covered pretzels and pipe cleaner. Get the recipe: Marshmallow-and-Pretzel Skeleton Cupcakes

cupcakes topped with skeletons made from marshmallows and white chocolate-dipped pretzels for rib cagePhoto: Roberto Caruso

Hot-Chocolate Pudding Ghosts

Delight your little goblins and ghouls with this rich and creamy ghosty treat. It’s your mom’s classic cornstarch pudding with a twist. Get the recipe: Hot-Chocolate Pudding Ghosts

white cups with swirled whipped cream and two chocolate chips as eyesPhoto: Roberto Caruso

Lollipop Ghosts

Dressing up candy has never been so fun. All you need to do is drape your lollipops in tissues, tie them with a ribbon and draw on a face with black marker. 

plastic skull with ghost lollipops sticking out of the topPhoto: Roberto Caruso


Chocolate Orange Grill Cakes

These chocolate orange grill cakes have Halloween written all over them. The colours, the drizzle and taste make them the perfect alternative Halloween treat. Get the recipe: Chocolate Orange Grill Cakes

halved oranges with chocolate cake insidePhoto: Maya Visnyei

Green Apple Smoothie

What your kids don’t know is that Frankenstein’s Monster actually drinks this power-up smoothie on the daily. Give them a back story and tell them it’s slime! Get the recipe: Green Apple Smoothie

cup with green apple smoothie and striped strawPhoto: Maya Visnyei

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This article was originally published on Oct 10, 2019

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