7 immunity-boosting recipes

From fruit smoothies to nuts and seeds, these immunity-boosting recipes will fortify your family against cold and flu.

By Alex Mlynek
7 immunity-boosting recipes

Photo: Roberto Caruso

7 immunity-boosting recipes


Mushrooms are full of beta glucan, which helps the body fight disease, plus essential minerals like folate, magnesium and zinc. This tasty recipe will even entice little mushroom-haters to eat these nutritional powerhouses, because cheese. Get the recipe: Mushroom Quesadilla

Cheesy quesadillas on white boardPhoto: Roberto Caruso

Peaches and Tomatoes

This delicious salsa jam-packed with tomato and peach makes an excellent after-school snack. Both fruits are major sources of vitamin E. Serve with crackers. Get the recipe: Peach and Tomato Salsa

paper cup with chopped peach and tomatoPhoto: Andrew Grinton


Tutti-Frutti Smoothie

The probiotic cultures in yogurt are a great way to keep your family healthy. These good bacteria help to fight off the baddies in your intestinal system, and this creamy smoothie is a yummy way to get everybody all aboard the yogurt train. Get the recipe: Tutti-Frutti Smoothie

7 immunity-boosting recipesPhoto: Jodi Pudge

Salisbury Steak with Roasted-Garlic Mash

Garlic is a natural antibiotic, so it’s an essential element in both keeping infections at bay and fighting them if your family does get sick. This comforting steak and mash dinner will deliver a delicious dose of the good stuff. Get the recipe: Salisbury Steak with Roasted-Garlic Mash

7 immunity-boosting recipesPhoto: Roberto Caruso

Kale, Carrot and Feta Super Toss

Fight off sickness with this refreshing yet hearty meal, which is full of incredible carotenoid-rich kale and the vitamin-C-kick of carrots. Get the recipe: Kale, Carrot and Feta Super Toss

ramekin of shredded kale, carrots, zucchini and crumbled fetaPhoto: Jodi Pudge


Protein-Packed Granola

Most often eaten at Halloween, pumpkin seeds are so amazing for you that they should be in your snack cupboard at all times of the year. This simple recipe is sure to get your kids to gobble up this fantastic source of vitamin E, zinc and omega-3s, all of which keep their immune systems strong. Get the recipe: Protein-Packed Granola

7 immunity-boosting recipesPhoto: Emily Cumming

Baby Potato Bites

This side dish is ready in less than 30 minutes and is a great way to get kids to eat salmon, which is jam-packed with immunity-boosting omega-3s. Sub in yogurt for the sour cream to really knock out colds and flu. Get the recipe: Baby Potato Bites

plate of smoked salmon appetizersPhoto: Roberto Caruso
This article was originally published on Mar 03, 2019

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