9 easy rice recipes

Rice, rice, baby! Cheap, filling and nutritious, plus super simple to build a meal around, rice makes everything nice.

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9 easy rice recipes

Photo: Maya Visnyei

Quick Shrimp Fried Rice

Well hello, restaurant-style fried rice. This recipe whips up quickly with easy veggies, eggs and soy sauce. Swap shrimp for cooked chicken if you’ve got some leftover. Get the recipe: Quick Shrimp Fried Rice

cast iron pan with rice, shrimp, eggs and mixed veggiesPhoto: Jodi Pudge

Easy Butter Chicken

Set these tender braised chicken thighs on top of fluffy white rice—the perfect sponge to soak up all that rich sauce. Get the recipe: Easy Butter Chicken

butter chicken on top of rice with piece of naanPhoto: Roberto Caruso


Broccoli and Bacon Fried Rice

With bacon on board, what’s not to like about this simple dish? It whips up in under 30 minutes and packs away nicely for leftovers the next day. Cold rice in a bento box is alright! Get the recipe: Broccoli and Bacon Fried Rice

frying pan with fried ricePhoto: Maya Visnyei

Tex-Mex Black Beans on Rice

Beans on rice is the ultimate last-minute meal. You’ve likely got both key ingredients in the cupboard and it cooks up in less than 30 minutes. Bonus: this dish can be easily transformed—use it to fill tacos or top it with a fried egg. Get the recipe: Tex-Mex Black Beans on Rice

bowl of rice with beans and avocadoPhoto: Roberto Caruso

Sticky Rice Balls

Rice doesn’t only have to come in a bowl! These sesame-studded rice balls are super fun and make a great side dish to chicken or fish. Plus they’re a standout in the lunchbox. Get the recipe: Sticky Rice Balls

Black plate with rice balls covered in black sesame seeds with a spicy peanut dipPhoto: Maya Visnyei


Breakfast Fried Rice

Your breakfast-for-dinner game is strong with this simple fried rice recipe in your back pocket. Day-old rice gets a refresh thanks to tomatoes, red pepper, garlic, onion and crumbled sausage. Go ahead and put an egg on it. Get the recipe: Breakfast Fried Rice

plate with fried rice and eggPhoto: Roberto Caruso

Sweet-and-Sour Meatballs on Rice

A warm Thermos lunch is as comforting as it gets—especially when there are mini meatballs and saucy rice inside. Making your own sweet-and-sour sauce is no sweat, either. Get the recipe: Sweet-and-Sour Meatballs on Rice

thermos filled with meatballsPhoto: Roberto Caruso

Asian Sticky Rice

Do you have leftover rice and 10 minutes? Then you have a meal! It doesn’t get any easier than this: Add sliced pepperoni, peas, spinach and a dash of sesame oil. Now eat it. Get the recipe: Asian Sticky Rice

9 easy rice recipes


Comforting Chicken Congee

Congee is a savoury rice porridge traditional to many Asian cultures and is often served for breakfast. Think of it like a soupy risotto—very tasty and easy to eat. This one includes chicken thighs and shiitake mushrooms. Get the recipe: Comforting Chicken Congee

three mugs of thick soup with mushroom and chicken on topPhoto: Andrew Grinton


This article was originally published on Mar 11, 2019

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