9 comforting chicken soup recipes

Whether you're combating a cold or seeking a warm feel-good meal, check out these delicious chicken soup recipes.

9 comforting chicken soup recipes

Photo: Roberto Caruso

Chicken Alphabet-Noodle Soup

Bring some fun to the dinner table with this educational Chicken Alphabet-Noodle Soup. It’s great for overcoming a cold or flu, too. Get the recipe: Chicken Alphabet-Noodle Soup 

A bowl of chicken soup with alphabet noodles

Chicken & White Bean Chili

Grab a soup and slurp up some delicious chicken and white bean chili. It’s the perfect sure for the winter blues. Get the recipe: Chicken & White Bean Chili

A bowl of chilliPhoto: Jodi Pudge


Master Chicken Stock

Every hearty soup starts with a good base. Try our easy chicken stock in one of your favourite soup recipes or on its own. Get the recipe: Master Chicken Stock 

Chicken stock ingredients in a pot

Chicken Barley Soup

Hearty chicken barley soup is easy to make and super satisfying. Get the recipe: Chicken Barley Soup

Barley and chicken with potatoes and various other veggies in a soup

Chicken and Rice Soup

Feeling under the weather or craving a warm hearty soup on a cool winter day? This recipe is sure to hit the spot. Get the recipe: Comforting Chicken and Rice Soup 

Chicken and rice soup on a large bowl


Chicken Congee

Technically more of a porridge than a soup, we just couldn’t omit this filling crowd-pleaser. The best part of this risotto-like meal? The slow cooker does all the work. Get the recipe: Chicken Congee 

three bowls of chicken congee soupPhoto: Andrew Grinton

Corn Chowder with Chicken and Bacon

This rich, chunky bowl of kid-friendly corn chowder has layers of flavour (hi, leeks!) and goes from kernel to table in half an hour. Get the recipe: Corn Chowder with Chicken and Bacon

Corn, chicken and bacon chowder in a white bowl

Chinese Chicken and Egg Drop Soup

Try our version of egg drop soup, the traditional Asian dish of beaten eggs in hot chicken broth. Get the recipe: Chinese Chicken and Egg Drop Soup

A bowl of chicken egg drop soup


Chicken Vegetable Noodle Soup

A speedy version of classic chicken noodle soup, the veggie-loaded broth is a great addition to lunch boxes via a thermos. Get the recipe: Chicken Vegetable Noodle Soup

A bowl of chicken noodle soup

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This article was originally published on Jan 31, 2019

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