7 perfect picnic recipes

Get outside and enjoy the sunshine! Pack your picnic basket with these yummy and easy-to-make recipes.

By Cassandre Cadieux
7 perfect picnic recipes

7 perfect picnic ideas

Pack a picnic and go!

Whether it's at a park, the beach or even your backyard, there's nothing better than eating outside in the sun.

7 perfect picnic recipes

Coconut-Crusted Chicken Fingers

Cold fried chicken—a picnic standard—isn’t always appealing to kids because of the skin and bones. These fingers have neither. They’re great with coleslaw or pasta salad, or both.

Get the recipe here: Coconut-Crusted Chicken Fingers>

7 perfect picnic recipesPhoto: Jodi Pudge


Easy Cabbage Slaw

Perfect on a sandwich or on its own, this cabbage slaw is easy to prepare and oh-so fresh! And it pairs perfectly with this Saucy Pulled Pork

Get the recipe here: Easy Cabbage Slaw>

7 perfect picnic recipesPhoto: Maya Visnyei

Summery Bean Salad

This gluten-free bean salad is great for picnics. Serve it cold or at room temperature. 

Get the recipe here: Summery Bean Salad>

7 perfect picnic recipesPhoto: Andrew Grinton

Crispy Clovers with Guacamole

Guacamole is a light and fresh snack that can be enjoyed by all. 

Get the recipe here: Crispy Clovers with Guacamole>

7 perfect picnic recipesPhoto: Rob Caruso


European Wrap

Roll up some of these crunchy, flavour-packed wraps and munch on them as you bask in the sun.

Get the recipe here: European Wrap>

7 perfect picnic recipesPhoto: Maya Visnyei

Quinoa Banana Bread

Every picnic needs dessert! Pack this healthy and delicious banana bread in your basket to enjoy after your meal.

Get the recipe here: Quinoa Banana Bread>

7 perfect picnic recipesPhoto: Emily Cumming

Superfood Smoothie

Prep this drink at home and take it to go. With this superfood smoothie, you and the kids will be energized and ready to take on some fun park activities.

Get the recipe here: Superfood Smoothie>

7 perfect picnic recipesPhoto: Emily Cumming
This article was originally published on May 15, 2012

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