5 vegetarian comfort food recipes

Why make meatless just a Monday thing? These vegetarian dinners are heavy on flavour and light on the wallet—and they can be enjoyed all week long.

5 vegetarian comfort food recipes



Portobello + Ranch Burgers

This juicy burger may be meat-free but it's packed with flavour thanks to the creamy ranch sauce and thick slices of cheddar. Get the recipe: Portobello + Ranch Burgers


5 vegetarian comfort food recipesPHOTO: ERIK PUTZ

Chickpea Pancakes with Summer Vegetables

Pancakes for dinner? Yes, please. These savoury hotcakes are packed with protein and, topped with in-season veggies, provide a perfectly balanced meal. Get the recipe: Chickpea Pancakes with Summer Vegetables


5 vegetarian comfort food recipesPHOTO: ERIK PUTZ


Potato and Leek Sheet Pan Frittata

We've married two of the best dinner cheats—frittatas and one-pan meals—into a vegetarian dish that works for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Get the recipe: Potato and Leek Sheet Pan Frittata


5 vegetarian comfort food recipesPHOTO: Erik Putz

“Pulled” Sweet Potato Tostadas

Get that pulled pork flavour with a fraction of the fat. Bonus: the kids will love helping out by spiralizing the potatoes. Get the recipe: “Pulled” Sweet Potato Tostadas


vegetarian tostadas on a platePHOTO: Erik Putz

One-Pan Vegetarian Lasagna

Cheesy, gooey lasagna is sure to satisfy your Meatless Monday (or Tuesday, or Wednesday). Packed with mushrooms and zucchini, it feels hearty and healthy. Get the recipe: One-Pan Vegetarian Lasagna


lasagna in a panPHOTO: Erik Putz

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