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44 fun things kids can do with Google Home

From witty comebacks to downright sass, your Google Home is funnier than you think. Get your kid to ask her these questions and watch the giggles ensue.

By Today's Parent
44 fun things kids can do with Google Home

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To know Google is to love Google. That smart little speaker can call Grandma in moments of meltdown, find a mood-boosting playlist or tell you the next step in an online recipe. But did you know that she’s full of witty retorts and fun tricks, too? Here are all the best Google Easter eggs to try with your kids. We promise you’ll get a laugh, and fear not—we’ve tested them so they’re all kid-appropriate. (You’re welcome.)

Hey Google and OK Google questions, commands and Easter eggs

1. Hey Google, what sound does a unicorn make?

2. Hey Google, did you fart?

3. Hey Google, clean my room.

4. Hey Google, can you rap?

5. Hey Google, what should I be for Halloween?


6. Hey Google, self-destruct.

7. Hey Google, do you have a boyfriend?

8. Hey Google, can you drive?

9. Hey Google, do you ever get tired?

10. Hey Google, do you want to build a snowman? (For the Frozen fans out there.)


11. Hey Google, what's cooler than being cool?

12. Hey Google, what's your favourite ice cream?

13. Hey Google, talk to the Wiggles.

14. Hey Google, sing a song. (She has a decent repertoire.)

15. Hey Google, tell me something I don't know. (For a cool animal fact, as an example.)


16. Hey Google, I'm bored. (Google will ask you what fruit you are, what’s your inner animal, etc.)

17. Hey Google, entertain me.

18. Hey Google, make me a sandwich.

19. Hey Google, tell me a riddle.

20. Hey Google, sing Happy Birthday.


21. Hey Google, tell me a joke (or “make me laugh”).

22. Hey Google, tell me a story.

23. Hey Google, let's play Mad Libs.

24. Hey Google, let’s play Crystal Ball.

25. Hey Google, let’s play Number Master (for older kids).


26. Hey Google, who would win in a fight between Superman and Batman?

27. Hey Google, bark like a dog.

28. Hey Google, what's that smell?

29. Hey Google, do you have hair?

30. Hey Google, ask me a question.


31. Hey Google, do you have feelings?

32. Hey Google, tickle tickle.

33. Hey Google, mischief managed. (For Harry Potter fans.)

34. Hey Google, can you do my homework?

35. Hey Google, when is your birthday?


36. Hey Google, who’s your daddy?

37. Hey Google, what is your voice?

38. Hey Google, where do you live?

39. Hey Google, who is your hero?

40. Hey Google, do you dream? (Wait for the Les Misérables reference.)


41. Hey Google, what is your favourite website?

42. Hey Google, do you speak Morse code?

43. Hey Google, do you believe in life after love? (Then you can explain to your kids who Cher is.)

44. One more last trick to try out: Over time, your Google Home device can learn to recognize nicknames, with repeated use. For example, if you start referring to your device as "Hey Boo-boo" instead of "Hey Google," she will eventually be able to respond.

This article was originally published on Mar 15, 2019

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