Parents are sharing their toddler meltdown stories and it's hilarious

Proof that nobody gets more upset at the world than these small human beings.

Let’s face it; kids can get worked up about the silliest things. However, if there’s an age group that is notorious for strange meltdowns, toddlers take the cake—HANDS DOWN.

Child crying, hanging off shopping cart The surprising upside to your kid’s brutal temper tantrumsWhile we can probably place the blame for these outbursts on their rapidly developing brains, it’s usually a puzzle and a half to figure out how they got so worked up in the first place. And when you do figure it out, the reason is, well, a little bit ridiculous.

In a thread on the subreddit /r/askreddit, parents shared some of the funniest reasons behind their little one’s breakdowns, and we rounded up the best responses. Prepare yourself for a good chuckle.

If we’ve learned one thing from these stories, it’s that nobody gets more upset at the world than these small human beings—they’re called the ‘terrible twos’ (and threes… and fours….) for a reason, right?

Do you relate to any of these parents? Has your child ever had a funny breakdown?

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