Your top 10 most googled parenting questions

We asked the folks at Google what questions new parents most often type in that little white search box. Let us save you some scrolling—we’ve got the answers once and for all.


Illustration: Stephanie Baxter

1. How do I potty train?

2. How do I breastfeed?

3. How do I change a diaper?

4. When is it time to stop breastfeeding?

5. Why do babies cry?

6.What, and how much, should I feed my baby?

7. How do I stop my baby from crying?

8. How do I baby-proof?

9. Why won’t my baby sleep?

10. How do I take a pacifier away?

A version of this article appeared in our April 2015 issue with the headline, “Your Top 10 Most Googled Parenting Questions,” p.67

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