The Wiggles have finally released a potty training song!

Having trouble potty training? Wish you had a simple song to help? Well, look no further because The Wiggles just released "The Toilet Song."

By Kevin John Siazon

The Wiggles have finally released a potty training song!

Photo: Courtesy of The Wiggles

The Wiggles have been around for a long time, but throughout their 20-plus years of catchy kids' songs they've never written a song about potty training. That is, until now.

Introducing "The Toilet Song," a funky upbeat tune that'll help your little one learn to sit on the potty and realize when they've successfully gone pee or poo. The song, which premiered with an adorably animated music video, comes as part of a week-long collaboration between the Australian music group and Canadian company Skyship Entertainment's Super Simple Songs YouTube channel.

"Parents have been asking The Wiggles for decades now to write a song about toilet training," said Anthony, the blue Wiggle, in a press release. "We know this song will make toilet training fun for children and be a help to those caring for them."

In the video, The Wiggles turn potty training into a fun challenge. If your little one can stay seated on the potty for the whole song (which is a little over two minutes), they get to push the button to flush it! And if that's not enough incentive to go, The Wiggles' gentle encouragement throughout the song will likely have your kids distracted long enough for things to happen. Take a look:

Super cute, right?

We love how they compared sitting on the toilet to sitting on a throne like a prince or princess (yes we know, the potty=throne concept is nothing new, but it's a really cute idea for kids to imagine). We also love that they just knew that kids wouldn't be done by the first check-in, but they just say to try again. Slow and steady progress, right?

And they show the kids washing their hands afterwards. Score!

So if you're having trouble with potty training or just want to introduce the idea to your not-quite-ready child, this song is the perfect place to start. Just a heads up though, as with many of their songs, this one is really catchy, so don't be surprised when you realize you're subconsciously singing it under your breath while you use the washroom yourself.

"The Toilet Song" will be available for download and streaming on most mainstream digital music stores and streaming services starting January 18, 2019.