Would you pack Pinterest's top sandwich in your kid's lunch?

With the end of school up ahead and summer coming soon, you might want to grab some inspiration from this highly popular meal.

Ah, sandwiches. Some kids love ’em, some kids hate ’em. With the end of school just around the corner, you’re probably loathing them right about by now. But here’s some good news: According to Pinterest’s user base, bread sandwiches are soooo not on-trend right now.

Wait, what?

cucumber bites sandwich, top-pinned sandwich on Pinterest

Photo: Coach Calorie via Pinterest

Yeap, Pinterest’s most-pinned sandwich is in fact, not really a sandwich at all. It’s made up of cucumber slices putting the squeeze on cheese and roast beef—and it’s been pinned nearly 800,000 times.

no-bread Italian sub roll-up

Photo: Our Paleo Life via Pinterest

Apparently there are plenty of sandwich-haters out there determined to create alternatives to those boring sliced-bread things. The second most popular “sandwich” on Pinterest right now is a no-bread Italian sub roll-up from Our Paleo Life and it’s been shared around 160,000 times.

granola crunch apple-peanut butter sandwich wrap

Photo: Two Healthy Kitchens via Pinterest

And the third most popular (pinned 100,000 times)—a granola crunch apple-peanut butter sandwich wrap from Two Healthy Kitchens—only appears to be a little more sandwich-like.

This trend obviously serves those on gluten-free and paleo diets, but parents of sandwich-hating kids can rejoice: There are loads of fresh new ideas here. And they’ll come in handy maybe even sooner than you think because as every parent knows, even when school ends, the lunch-packing doesn’t (hello, summer camp).

So if you’re running low on lunch inspo, look to these recipes for kids who hate sandwiches:

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