These recipes written by preschoolers will make you LOL

Who knew that to make eggs, all you needed were pancakes, sugar and Skittles?

Kids say the darndest things! If you’ve ever written down little kids’ thoughts word for word, you know that the things they say are just SO. DANG. FUNNY.

Maybe it’s because they’re still figuring out how language works or because they have thoughts coming out a mile a minute, but writing it all down is pretty much guaranteed to give you a laugh. That’s why when Jordan Adams found a cookbook of recipes written by his nephew Ethan’s pre-kindergarten class, he had no choice but to share this comedy gold with the Twitterverse. And thank goodness he did.

In his tweet, Adams shared pictures of the cookbook that show four different recipes: Ethan’s Eggs, Ariana’s Macaroni, Joe’s Tacos and Sebastian’s Pancakes. High five to the Pre-K teacher for not editing these instructions because they’re amazing as is. Take a look:

Hilarious, right? We love how Ethan doesn’t even list eggs as an ingredient for his recipe. You just have to go to his house so his mom can make them for you—but make sure to bring pancakes with sugar as an offering for his mom!

Photo of a mom and toddler son cooking together in the kitchen Cooking with my toddler is messy, frustrating and stressful—but all kinds of awesomeAs for Sebastian’s instructions for his pancakes, we’re totally with him on that one—you put the thingy in the hot thingy and you hope for the best. But make sure to clean up your plate. Oh, and Ariana, maybe you shouldn’t leave the house to go to a pool party with your oven turned on. That’s just basic fire safety. Her ingredient list, however, is spot-on when it comes to things a kid needs to be holding before they cook up some macaroni (or do anything for that matter). And Joe, bless your heart. We love watermelon and cheese roll ups too.

We’re so glad Jordan decided to share these glorious recipes with the world. We can only imagine what other treasures lie in the unseen pages of that cookbook.

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