Parents are sharing their kids' weirdest bedtime requests and they're hilarious

Because everyone needs to cuddle a piece of fruit in bed, right?

When it comes to weird things, little kids top the list. Their growing brains are learning so much about the world around them that in an effort to put two and two together, they sometimes end up with really bizarre ideas.

four babies doing a cake smash Can you spot what's super weird about this cake smash?This is especially true when it comes to putting them to bed, and which particular comfort item will do the trick to soothe them to sleep. As you can imagine, the requests can be totally out there.

One parent recently shared on the subreddit /r/Parenting how their son can’t go to bed without his “nighttime orange.” If you’re thinking nighttime snacks aren’t that weird, think again—he just wants to hold it. Obviously, other parents chimed in with their own children’s ridiculous bedtime demands. Take a look at our favourites.

It bears repeating that kids are weird. (Well, people are generally weird, kids just haven’t been shamed into hiding it, but we digress.) What kind of strange things do your kids do when it’s time for bed?

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