13 hilarious parenting rules you never thought you'd have to make

Do not pick and then eat the cat's eye boogers!

13 hilarious parenting rules you never thought you'd have to make

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Parents took to Reddit to talk about hilarious parenting rules they never thought they'd have to make. Some even posted weird rules their parents had to make for them when they were kids.

Not surprisingly, a lot of these rules have to do with poop, nudity and licking. Yeah, kids are pretty gross. There was, however, at least three that specifically had to do with yogurt!

Here are some of our favourite rules parents have had to make:

"No milking the dog. No making your little brother taste dog milk." - JennyRahl

"No running around the house with your feet covered in yogurt." - tas253

"Do not pick and then eat the cat's eye boogers." - EinsteinEP

"Not a rule, but something I had to say. Lick your sister so she will stop crying, please." - tahngarth42

"My parents:No more throwing cheese into the ceiling fan." - JohnnyBrillcream


"You can't stand when going potty if you are pooping" - icamom

"No licking the parrot and no putting her head inside your mouth and calling it a 'vacation.'" - SleevieNicks

"No putting pancakes between your toes." - zim3019

"Don't sit in the toilet. When you're done going potty, call for mom or wipe yourself and get up. Don't slowly sink down into the toilet" - karylyn17

"No saying Santa in air quotes. Your sister still believes damn it." - TuesDazeGone


""No haunting the neighbours." My daughter used to think it was hilarious the whisper weird crap into the vents of our apartment building, things like: 'You have dishonored your ancestors. That's disgusting. Stop it! The cat wants gravy!' One of our elderly neighbours thought she really was a ghost, whispering to him." - Poisonpenivy

"You have to stay on the toilet until you are completely finished, even if you have something you really, really want to tell someone right now." - fiddlemonkey

"No crayons in the butter." - bigben74

Check out the rest of the thread here. What are some of the weird parenting rules you've had to make?

This article was originally published on Nov 21, 2020

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