Give your kid a knife: 10 best kitchen tools for small hands

Simple kitchen tasks can build kids' confidence and food knowledge and make them more likely to try new things. Here's how to get them cooking.

Give your kid a knife: 10 best kitchen tools for small hands

Photo: Erik Putz


Kids are stronger than they look sometimes. Harness that power for your potatoes. 

OXO Good Grips masher, $15,

kid-sized veggie masherPhoto: Bed Bath & Beyond


A deep plastic mixing bowl with a handle and non-slip silicone bottom is key for ensuring ingredients stay contained. 

Kids’ Cookie Baking Set (also includes stackable measuring cups, scraper, spatula, cookie cutters and recipe cards), $80,

Baking set with a bowl, measuring cups, spatulas, recipe cards and cookie cuttersPhoto: Pampered Chef



This curvy citrus zester fits in the palm of a small hand and captures the goods inside the clip-on chamber. While your kid grates, talk about the colours and smells of lemons, limes and oranges, and how zest adds flavour to foods. 

Flexi Zesti citrus grater, $13,

Orange citrus graterPhoto: Microblade


Because vegetables need cleaning (and kids will probably do a better job than they do on their own feet).

Joie Mushroom Brush and Vegetable Scrubber, $3,

Vegetable brush shaped like a mushroomPhoto: Amazon


Reinforce fractions and talk through the difference between baking soda and baking powder with this colourful five-piece set. 

Joie measuring spoons, $3,

Stackable colourful measuring spoonsPhoto: Joie



Whether you’re making salad dressing, pancake batter or scrambled eggs—a whisk is better than a spoon or spatula for moving ingredients around and keeps them from flying everywhere. 

Red 8-in. silicone whisk, $12,

Red silicon whiskPhoto: Crate and Barrel


Place a silicone trivet under the bowl or plate your kid is working with to keep it from slipping and sliding.

Joie rainbow trivet, $9,

Stacked rainbow trivetsPhoto: Joie


With a little help, kids can slice vegetables and even hard-boiled eggs into six segments with this clever gadget. It’s the perfect tool to speed lunch prep along. 

Veggie Wedgie, $19,

Veggie Wedgie chopperPhoto: Microblade



French kids eat everything—and maybe they cook everything, too. Trust a classic French knife maker to put a blade in every child’s hand. Stainless steel and round-tipped, the 10-inch blade is perfect for teaching cutting and slicing, while the red plastic finger guard protects the hand holding the food to be cut, at the same time teaching kids the proper “claw” position. 

opinel le petit chef knife, finger guard and peeler (next slide) set, $74,

Knife with finger guardPhoto: Amazon


The learning ring (your kid slips their finger in there) ensures the proper holding and pulling technique crucial for perfectly peeled carrot sticks.

Give your kid a knife: 10 best kitchen tools for small handsPhoto: Amazon

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