15 hilarious kids jokes (by kids, for kids)

Do your kids love jokes? Our Today's Parent readers shared their kids' best jokes with us on Twitter. Here are some of the top LOLs. Enjoy!

Do your kids love jokes? Our Today’s Parent readers shared their kids’ best jokes with us on Twitter. Here are some of the top LOLs. Enjoy!

What did the ceiling say to the wall? Meet you in the corner.
— @ColdCoffeeMama

What did the math book say to the other? I got more problems than you. (my almost 9 year old, she loves jokes).
— @Zudora_girl1

Why did the shark cross the ocean? To get to the other tide.
an illustration of all things canadian within a maple leaf 10 funny facts about Canada— @TiredMommy1

5-year-old, Lily, recently came up with this one all on her own: Q: How does a squirrel end a prayer? A: Almond!
— @MendesMusings

What did the fish say when he swam into the wall??? Dam!!

What do you call cheese that’s not yours? Na-cho Cheese!
— @Mommy_Instincts

My now 15yr old daughter used to tell this joke: “Why was 10 afraid of 7? Because 7 ate 9!”
— @amygardenerd

Why did the jellybean go to school? Cause he wanted to be a Smartie.
— @ColdCoffeeMama

Why do elephants wear green sneakers? So they can hide in trees. Ever seen an elephant in a tree? No? Then it must work.
— @SafeKidsTravel

Why did the dog cross the road? To get to the ‘barking’ lot lol! Courtesy of my 8 yr old. :)
— @Shellymomma2

What did 0 say to 8? Nice belt!
— @momof3steels

7yr old – What starts with P and ends with E and has lots of letters? Post Office.
— @pilotsit

Knock knock… Who’s there… Boo Hoo… Boo Hoo who?… Stop cryin’ it’s just a joke! – Zac, age 3.
— @1dramafreemama

My 3yo son’s joke – Him: Knock knock. Me: Who’s there? Him: Nobody’s home.
— @Bellacindy

My four year old – “Knock knock.” Me – “Who’s there?” “Boo.” “Boo Who?” “Don’t cry momma.”
— @mskiriel

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