Amy Schumer got one of those awful vagina cakes and her face says it all

You can tell she's ready to be a mom because she's already got her "I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed in you" look DOWN.

By Kevin John Siazon

Amy Schumer got one of those awful vagina cakes and her face says it all

Photo: @amyschumer via Instagram

When a friend or relative is pregnant, it's usually a nice gesture to give them a little something to celebrate the upcoming birth. However, Amy Schumer now knows that not all gifts are created equal, because her sister-in-law gave her this:

Yup, she got one of those super creepy, WAY-too-graphic baby shower cakes that sends shivers down your spine. We've seen plenty of these cakes before, but as far as we know Amy is the first celeb mom to have received one—or at least, the first to admit it on social media.

This kind of cake seems pretty on-brand for Amy's sense of humour, so you can't really blame her sister-in-law for picking it. You'd think a comedian who made a music video to a song featuring the lyrics "This is where my poop comes out" would be laughing her head off over this kind of thing.

However, we assume that the pregnancy hormones, her recent bouts of extreme morning sickness, and her rapidly-approaching due date have made her a little less receptive to a cake that features a doll head emerging from a pink-frosted vagina complete with chocolate-sprinkle pubic hair and a candy-melt butthole. She's totally ready to be a mom, because her "I'm disappointed in you" face is SPOT-ON:

Amy Schumer looking at her sister in law with disappointment Photo: @amyschumer via Instagram

All things considered, this is actually nowhere near the worst baby shower cake we've ever seen. Amy's cake looks downright delectable compared to this horrifying one (open at your own risk). And come on, that cute little blonde doll kinda looks like it could be Amy's baby, right?

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