This is hands down the WORST baby shower cake ever!

A bloody baby doll head bursting from a vagina cake is disgusting enough, but it's the cake's bottom that truly puts it over the top.

We’ve seen plenty of awful baby shower cakes in our time, but this one takes it TOO. FAR.

(Warning: This cake is capital-G gross, so scroll down at your own risk.)

As if the bloody baby doll head emerging from a fondant vagina detailed with chocolate sprinkle pubic hair (disturbing side note: Why are the baby’s eyes WIDE OPEN?), isn’t jarring enough, look to the base of the “cake” for an extremely not-sweet surprise.

One of the best and most disgusting cakes I’ve seen ever #BabyShowerCake this baker has skills lol

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That’s right. The cake has a second orifice and it’s making Lincoln Logs. *Cue the chorus of vomit noises*

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This cake is equal parts disgusting and #truelife: Sometimes all that pushing means things other than a baby get expelled from the body, but is a baby showeror a cake platter, for that matter—really the place for such a graphic reminder? Props to the baker who made those realistic turds, but they could be made from the most delicious chocolate and they still wouldn’t come anywhere near our mouths. We’re gonna have to pass on dessert this time.

Hopefully the mom-to-be was in on the joke, because this is one surprise we wouldn’t wish on anyone.

These other cakes aren’t as awful, but they are really creepy. Check ’em out:

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