This dad made his wife a boob cake that lactates

Yep, he made a cake that actually pumps out 'milk' to celebrate his wife's one-year breastfeeding journey.

This dad made his wife a boob cake that lactates

Photo: courtesy of Isablog

For a lot of moms, breastfeeding can be rough. Between the sore nipples and the leaky boobs, those first few months are often filled with pain and misery (and that's on top of all the sleepless nights and constant diaper changes). And unfortunately for many dads, there's not much you can do to help besides being there for her with your full support (and perhaps lead the charge with those diaper changes—amiright ladies?).

When his daughter turned a year old, Ross Hunt decided that he wanted his family to celebrate a special second milestone—his wife, Rachel, hitting a full year of breastfeeding. Knowing how hard it was for her, the South Wales dad turned his love and support for her breastfeeding journey into an extra special cake, which was, of course, shaped like a pair of boobs. However, what's extra special about this cake is that Hunt rigged it up so that it can actually pump out "milk." Yep, you read that right. Using a tube, a syringe and watered down icing for the milk (it is a cake, after all), Hunt made the cake literally lactate.

Take a look:

While the pumping mechanism created more of an ooze effect, which isn't necessarily how lactating works (it's more of a squirt), we have to commend this dad on his ingenuity.

Hunt wrote about this little side celebration in a post on Isablog, a blog he started when he experienced postnatal depression after the birth of his daughter. In the post, he explains how he wanted to help his wife breastfeed however he could, even if it meant waiting on his wife while she fed their daughter. "I always knew my role was limited," he wrote. "I would basically be on hand, almost like a personal butler, as I knew [that] once Rachel sat down to breastfeed that was it."

He also wrote about what it feels like to be a father to a child who is breastfeeding. "As the man in a breastfeeding journey, it’s very easy to feel useless, helpless and just a little bit obsolete. Mainly because most of the time you actually are," he wrote. "I guess that’s part of the reason I wanted to make this cake. It’s a symbol that says whilst I might not be able to help you out physically. I can support you in other ways."


While Rachel's reaction to the cake was a bit lukewarm in the video, we're sure she appreciated the recognition for all her hard work (like we said, breastfeeding can be rough). Hunt also mentioned that breastfeeding has since gotten a lot easier for his wife, but he wanted the cake to commemorate what it took to get to that point. "This cake was just a reminder that we got through the hard times," he wrote. "And that we go through them together."

And of course, since it was their daughter's first birthday, they documented her smashing the cake boobs, because what's a baby birthday without a little cake smash?

So cute! We especially love the pic of their little girl trying to nurse on the cake teat. Way to go, Ross! We don't know about you, but that gesture that definitely says "I'll be there for you (when the milk starts to pour)." Friends, anyone?

This article was originally published on Apr 30, 2018

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