SNL's spot-on childbirth skit will make you pee your pants with laughter

Amy Schumer's "The Day You Were Born" skit is so hilariously accurate, you may just wet yourself. Maybe do some Kegels before hitting play.

SNL's spot-on childbirth skit will make you pee your pants with laughter

Photo: SNL via ET Canada

Mother's Day may be over but we'll be watching this Saturday Night Live skit over and over and over (yep, it really is that good). This past weekend, SNL had a special episode for Mother's Day filled with many funny skits about moms, but Amy Schumer's "The Day You Were Born" took home the top prize for showing what Mother's Day is really about: pretending it was easy.

The skit features Schumer as a mom waking up to breakfast in bed on Mother's Day, and while she doesn't have kids of her own, her impression of the typical suburban mother is scary accurate (like when she pretends to eat the toast and says it's the best toast she's ever had—chills).

She then tells him how the day he was born was the best day of her life, and like any curious kid at that age, he asks what it was like. Now, as anyone who's been through childbirth knows, the moment you hold you hold you baby for the first time is amazing, but the moments before that are usually, well... not that wonderful. We don't want to spoil it any more if you haven't seen it yet, so we'll just let you watch the hilarity for yourself (and if you're hitting that play button for the second, third or fourth time, we totally get it):

Excuse us while we change into some dry pants. Besides being a totally accurate depiction of the typical delivery room, Schumer's one-liners ( i.e. "How much bigger can the hole get?!" and "No! No! Don't cut my butthole in half!") seriously had us laughing our butts off. And the part where she asks if she's pooping? Comedy gold. And beyond the birthing scene, the images of Schumer taking care of her "son" as a newborn just hits so close to home (if your baby hasn't peed on you during a diaper change, are you even a parent?).

So thanks to all the mothers out there who make it look so easy, even when we know it's been rough. Mother's Day may be over, but you deserve to be celebrated every day of the year.

This article was originally published on May 14, 2018

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