Prince George is adorably unimpressed by Justin Trudeau

World leaders just aren't that big of a deal to toddlers.

Photo: Courtesy of Kensington Palace via Twitter

Photo: Courtesy of Kensington Palace via Twitter

Yesterday (September 24) was a big day for royal fans! Prince William, Duchess Catherine, Prince George and Princess Charlotte all arrived in Victoria for the start of their royal tour.

The family got off the plane all decked out in blue and were greeted by many dignitaries including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Sophie. Now, it had been a long flight for the kids and it was midnight their time, so I am sure they were a bit tired. And that’s when this happened.

Yep, Prince George was having none of Prime Minister Trudeau’s high fives. Most of the world has gone pretty gaga over our Prime Minister—but George, a typical toddler, is rather unimpressed. He was probably like “Who are you and why am I awake right now?” I love how George actually shakes his head no multiple times. Clearly the kid doesn’t give high fives to just anyone.

George has a bit of a history of being rather unimpressed by world leaders. Remember this:


Photo: Courtesy of Kensington Royal via Twitter

The BEST! George already wins this tour. I  must commend Justin for really trying to get George to high five him back. You gotta persist with kids.


Photo: Courtesy of Kensington Royal via Twitter

Seriously, look at George’s swagger. For those who are loving George’s look (no one wears knee socks quite like him), his outfit is from Pepa and Company, the same store that made George’s sweet birthday look. His socks are Amaia.

Princess Charlotte looked extra adorable in a blue and white smock dress that has yet to be identified. But her bow was from Amaia—that’s where Kate gets all Charlotte’s bows. What Kate’s Kids Wore has lots of details on the outfits so be sure to check it out.

And Kate, who is seriously posing in the photo above, wore a bespoke dress from Jenny Packham, accessorized with a maple leaf brooch and Lock & Co hat with maple leaves. She looked gorgeous and I love how the whole family was matching in blue—one of the main colours of British Columbia’s flag.

After the family’s big arrival, William and Kate settled the kids in for the night at Government House, before heading over to the British Columbia parliament buildings for the official welcome with Justin and Sophie. The kids will be based at Government House in Victoria for the next eight days. During the day, William and Kate will head off for engagements and the kids will get to hang at this official residence. But don’t worry, the kids will have lots to do while waiting for Mom and Dad to get home.

Screen Shot 2016-09-24 at 7.52.37 AM

The pair will have a massive “backyard” to play in and the gardeners have filled the fountain with ducks to keep the kids entertained. There has also been a special itinerary of fun activities planned for the kids around Victoria. Though we won’t ever get to see that itinerary because it’s private, we do have some guesses on places the kids will check out. George is a huge fan of boats (and airplanes and motorcycles), so I suspect they will go whale watching on the 4 Ever Wild boat. And for more laid-back days, the kids will definitely need to check out Beacon Hill Park, which has a playground, petting zoo and waterpark.

So when will we see George and Charlotte next? The only time Kensington Palace is confirming we will see the royal siblings is at the end of the tour (October 1) when they leave Victoria with Kate and William. BUT there is a children’s party on September 29 at Government house where George and Charlotte are staying. The hope is that the kids will both come. Kensington Palace won’t confirm this till the day of because it all depends on how the kids are feeling—as you all know, toddlers are temperamental. Jet lag, illness or crankiness could mean the kids won’t come to the party. But I suspect both kids will be there—and I am hoping a certain adorable Trudeau kid will get to meet them.

Until September 29th, when we’ll be back with the George and Charlotte cuteness, you can follow all of William and Kate’s engagements over at Hello Canada and check out more of George’s best facial expressions below.

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